Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Watch the world reel!
It's time for the
"Brandon is wayyyyyy to paranoid for his own good" segment of the blog again.....
Some weird things I've been thinking about...
1. "Immigration protest" on May 1st- aka May Day- aka Communist's fav. holiday. Most of the protestors are expected to be hispanic. Fidel is a commie and hispanic... Coincidence?? I think not!
2. People say I'm paranoid! I've been hearing a lot on so called Christian talk radio about RFID tags being the "mark of the beast". I don't think these people read their WHOLE Bible.
Remember that part about phylacteries??? I mean, it just possibly couldn't be related... Makes too much sense to think that what phylacteries were to the jews is what "The Mark" is to the beastie boys and girls.

Seems like we're a little too willing to jump the gun.
Not sayin' I'm getting one or anything mind you.
Can't be too careful...
You never know who's listening.........

The random blog feature at the top of this page is neet.
I found This one about a month ago. Keepin' up with it has been interesting. Remember we have all kinds of brothers and sisters out there facing some pretty dire straits.