Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ok, Glad I got In on that...

Journey Christian Church has started an outreach program to downtown Orlando, and I'm glad I got to see part of what they do.I found out about the service through Ron Seiber, a student at Florida Christian College who was required to come downtown with BASIC about three years ago. Glad he remembered who I was.

The outreach Journey is doing is called Journey Downtown, and it seems to be aimed at reaching out to all the people downtown not just to homeless people. They served some pizza to the people at the corner of Jefferson and Magnolia and after that they gathered to worship and hear the word of God. I had to cut out just as they were starting the singing before I turned into a pumpkin. That was about eight o'clock. The funniest thing about going and sharing is that this was part three of a three part trial outreach. Apparently it's going well enough that they are going to continue the services starting in the fall on a weekly basis. At least they did something even if they can't return in the fall.

I also got to ride my bike around a little bit, and that was refreshing. Downtown is changing faster than I can keep up with it seems, and it's getting me a little crazy!
Our summer-through-the-new-year plans will be as follows: Get downtown 2 times month, the idea being that we've got to stay as close into contact with people as possible to hope at having a chance to get people what they need. We're going to raise $6000 for the first twenty weeks of 2008. The idea being starting with the first weekend in the new year, going downtown each sunday for the first twenty weeks without having to worry about having money, raising money, or getting supplies. It's kinda a test. If we can't raise the $6k by the new year, that may change our plans. It's something to pray about. Also keep praying for my wife's pregnancy. Yesterday we found out we're having another little girl, and there seem to be some complications. We go to see a specialist June 7th (unless we can wrangle an earlier date out of them!!) for some more testing and a consultation. Please pray for us, and our baby. There is no feeling quite like the helplessness of not being able to do anything about a problem your child is having. We'll have more updates as they are available.
Thanks and God Bless!!