Tuesday, August 15, 2006

When People are Involved....

...Sometimes things go wrong!
I have forgotten my camera at a friends house, and I don't know where the prayer requests are. So I don't have a prayerlist this week yet, nor do I have a picture of this week's "Special Guy" for the website.
The one thing I can say about last sunday is that we had a TON of people to serve. 114 to be kind-of exact :)
We handed out all our foodbags, poloshirt (Time to break out the reserves!) all the tee-shirts we had with us, and even most of our largely sized pants! Not to mention socks. The only thing we came back with was underpants, and we are out of mediums (The most popular size.)
Needless to say, we need men's pants... Size 30-38 waist, size 30 and up length. PLEASE!!! We need pants. If you are in Orlando, and can donate pants, or if you can give money just for pants (about $3.00 a pair at Goodwill) please consider doing so. Almost everyone needs pants downtown.
I'll try to figure out where the prayer requests have gone, so stay tuned.