Friday, April 07, 2006

Worshiping God Downtown...

Finding a serene place in a city is a difficult task.
I go out of my way to do so sometimes.
I would consider this a serene place. Why though?
It's filthy, it stinks, it's right behind all the rowdy spots on Church street in Orlando.

Well how is that different from my own soul?

We all are waiting final sanctification when our bodies are exchanged for better stuff. Our flesh bears sin's mark, and we continually roll around in the goo of life.
Think going to church makes you any better? I don't. Our worship needs permanent fixing, and we need to be reminded of that often.

Back to "Church Street, Flipside". It's full of junk, smells funny, and hides the darkness of sin.
Just like me.
So it can be serene, because Christ's serenity lives in me.

Will you join me there to pray some day?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Prayer Update

Finally, last Sunday's prayer list!
We served about 24 people last Sunday,
these people asked for Prayer:
Marilyn Lucas : "For daughter to be safe"
Ben Chattmon : "to be positive, patient and faithful"
Edwin Cabrera : "God gif me power for resist tentatious"
J. L. Johnson : "Please keep my mother safe and in good health along with the rest of my family, thank you"
Johnny Tatum : "yes"

found out my best friend has a blogsite too!
The Gravy is a neat guy. He's also a minister, and he's persevered at it.
Have fun reading his insites into recovery!
-your about to close on his first home at the end of the month
Positive Activist.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Rule Number 3:
"Lather, Rinse, Repeat".
This rule is tricky,
Remember, in the religion we are to practice, we are to take care of orphans and widows, and keep one's self from being polluted by the world.
That second part's a tall order. Staying Holy ain't no joke. That's where the Blood of Christ comes in. Remember what we are taught in first John. We who walk in the light are continually cleansed by the blood. Let us make our confession to God and each other about our sins.

The tricky part to this rule:
we are to preach the Gospel, and when God gives us fruit, we are to tell those who Come to JEsus, to spread the news. Christianity is the OCD plagued individual's dream religion, we keep making disciples over and over again, and we teach them to do the same. Many times we miss the mark. In my efforts to reach the inner city folks, I teach them to take their witness out with them, preach with their lives. Sometimes they listen, othertimes, well....
Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Nothin' but the blood baby!
prayer list from the weekend coming in the morning, it's dang late, and I need sleep.