Thursday, July 06, 2006

April Hunt Talks about Homeless life in Orlando!
The significance of this story is that it involves Brian Nichols, one of my friends downtown. He's also the guy on the Right in this picture. Remember to pray daily for Brian and everyone else, they are hated by some who think that homeless people are just another group they can bully and threaten.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

NEW- Get the "Short List" here....

Have you seen this picture on the BASIC homepage? Click it and you will go to our "Needs" page. I took it this last sunday. Each week, I plan on changing the picture and highlighting a different person we served downtown, and some of their needs. You will also notice that on the right of that page there is a "short list" of our most common needs. There is also a downloadable copy of the "Full list" that you can post at your congregation of things that BASIC needs.

Thanks for your attention:

Central Florida's Positive Activist,


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Prayer list from July 2nd...

We had a HUGE crowd this last week!
Because the city is acting onery toward feeding people downtown, it seems our crowd grows... Nothing surprising. We served about 70 people with food and clothes under the bridge downtown.
Here is the prayer list:
Mike Singleton "Prayer, Finances"
Clifford Thomas "My life situation"
Antonio "To get out of the streets"
Leroy Henry "Grandfather's healing"
Mark Wright "For me and My Mother who Past Away on Thursday"
Chris Wallace "Health, eternal life, goals"
Azim "Health, eternal life"
Greg James "Success getting out of town and safety"
Shorty "Bro in Law come by"
Juan Contreras "That we get to Miami"
Leon Stephene "For a job"
Mike J "For my Wallets return"
James D. Massey "A job a place to live"
Greg Simpson "For all homeless"
James Aiken "Work"
Robert Gross "For Johnye to come home from jail this month"
Garrick Mitchell "Yes, let me feel better"
Ronald Hollis "yes, for my family" ***PTL!!!
Jerimiah "Job, sisters, and brother, and my dad"
Connie Boltz "Pray for me"
Michael Sulelomo "That we get to Texas"
Claudia Fain "To help us get to Texas"

***He's out of Jail for trepassing, looking for work better than labor pool tickets at Disney. Anyone you know hiring a cook????

To help get the things we need to get people off the streets, I've made a "short list" of the most commly needed things the mission needs. To access it, visit the B.A.S.I.C. homepage by clicking the banner at the top of the Blog, or visit and click on Ben's picture. You can also get a master supply list from that page. We always need pants! I can't say that enough...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Christian Unity: Unity and Baptism

Christian Unity: Unity and Baptism
This Elder in the Atlanta Church has some good ideas about the scripture. One of the problems I believe people have is that we've all heard the message, so to speak, from a young age. belief/repentance/confession/baptism were immediate to the New Testament era believer. Today, we are trained about Jesus from a very young age, and this decreases the violence done to our souls when we acknowledge our sins before God.
The IMMEDIACY of forgiveness is what is important to consider when thinking about conversion.

If you get this before 6:00 pm Eastern time Sunday, don't forget to pray for us downtown folks!!
Believe and Serve,
G. Brandon Hoyt