Thursday, June 22, 2006

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Monday, June 19, 2006

Prayer Requests and Other Thoughts...

Prayer Requests:
Marie "Financial, housing"
Michelle Franklin "Shelter job healing health"
Stanley McAllister "Health, Shelter, Job"
Paul Wright "Hot Shower"
Alonzo Roper "To become firmer in prayer"
Bobby Jones "To pray for my children and wife"
Willie J. Hutson "Physical healing"
J. Tilley "God give me wisdom"
Tony Bell "People to stop stealing from me"
Walter Smith "Mother, Dorothy Smith triple bypass 79 years old, KY, Thank you"
Tawanna "Need House"
Marilyn Lucas "Job and better place to live"
Anthony C. Johnson "To serve Jesus Better"
EJP "Pray so I can no longer be homeless ever and reduce homelessness!"
Bernard Peterson "Work"
Michael Simpson "Deliverence"
Kevin Kelly "Son, Kevin Jr."
Sidney Jones "That I be safe within streets"
Felix Gonzales "Yes I love for God to save me and....Please have me in your prayers"

Let's try this again!
Sunday nite my computer crashed (It's been on a crashfest lately) and it lost the prayer requests. Hopefully this will get published before the next reboot!
BASIC Needs Pants!
We are short again on pants, size 30 waist to 40, any length at least as long as 30. We also need socks and work boots. God willing, next Monday I'll go shopping for some of those things, but we will have to see.

The city is at it again! They don't want people to feed the homeless in city parks. I could be wrong, but I thought we weren't supposed to be doing that anyway...
Well, all I can say we are under a bridge, not in a park, and if they don't like it, they can lump it. I can't address the issues a homeless person has if his belly is growling too loudly to hear my advice. Read the article carefully, and you will see at least one blatant NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) statement. You can also notice who the bill's writer is. I say this because the person writing is on the same left wing team as the "Food not Bombs" group doing something around lake Eola. I believe there is no food without a few bombs, so I don't see their point. (IE military is needed to keep the peace, so DEAL WITH IT, or learn arabic, chinese, or some other obscure language, cause that's who's going to be feeding who's left after they drop their bombs)
I'm not denying that crime is a problem in downtown Orlando. To the contrary, every week I see homeless people who have been beaten and abused in horrible ways, but there are better ways to deter and prevent crime than by shuffling homeless people around the city. I don't care if I'm out of site when I feed and clothe and preach the gospel, but I am getting tired of constantly being told when and where I can do it. We will keep on keeping on, that's why I've got me a fishmobile. It's loud, but it's an effective secret weapon.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Discovering some new Blogs....

Discovered Team Pyro today, and think they warrant further investigationing...
This article about the Cross and God should make you Think.
Phil Johnson is not the Lawyer type, but another guy, who is nonetheless cool by me...
Just another thing to make you think.

More thinking.....

some action!