Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More News... And No News.... (This is good news!) ;-)

Local Six News Story about Food Not Bombs continuing the feeding of homeless people.
Then there is Channel 13's perspective...
The homeless Guy weighs in...
Lots of talk, lots of talk....
called one of Orlando's finest to get the skinny: Are we going to get this enforced on our trash: Call me if yes: No call yet! So we're still cool!!!
Brings me to this week's study:

How do we respond when God doesn't hear our cries or He obviously is overlooking some terrible evil?

Start by reading the Book of Habakkuk. It's pretty short, and pretty, well, to the point.
Habakkuk starts by asking God about six things he notices:

Hab 1:3 Why do you make me see iniquity, and why do you idly look at wrong? Destruction and violence are before me; strife and contention arise. (ESV)

1. "Hab" sees the evil, so God should See it too.
2. God doesn't seem to be doing anything about it.
3. There is destruction
4. There is violence
5. Strife is here
6. So is contention
None of this seems to be deserved. So it seems Hab has a point.
Sometimes, things here stink. I bet you could name some things that stink in your life and in this world. The homeless downtown wonder, why is this happening to me, and will God do anything about it?
Crazy things happening sometimes need crazy solutions:
God sends the Babylonians!
Stay tuned for our next exiciting installment:
"Babylonians: Friend and Foe?"

De Debil is in De Details...

UmmmmmHummm ma chere... Bee dun seem dat de home-uh-luss and de help-uh-luss be at de shawt end o de pee-roux stick again!

It's official! Now it seems like we could be up a creek... None to worry! We are out of site, out mind, and we got a fishmobile (albeit, she's a little sickly these days)
This guy gets it.
We keep preaching that homelessness is about spiritual issues, and you find these issues everywhere. Every person I meet has spiritual issues. It's strange to see them spill out into the legislation.
Patty Sheehan, Read Habbukkuk sometime!
Injustice does not go unseen, from the loneliest jungles of Ecuador to the brightest lights of Las Vegas. The plight continues. Will until Judgement day.
Er'rybody be safe now!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sunday is like Funday, but with and S instead of an F

Hello Folks,

I am going to be your poster for today.
First allow me to introduce myself. I'm Rafael... yeah.
I don't have much to say about myself cause I'm not that interesting, really. Just that I was born in Ecuador and moved to the US when I turned 15, I am now 19 (not a fun age to be, no kidding).
I started to get involved with BASIC back in February I think...or March, I'm not really sure, all I know is that I felt that I wasn't doing anything for Christ so I looked for something to do and I found BASIC and decided to help, after that God made everything else happen.
I gotta tell you about the first time I helped in BASIC, I just came back from my country where there is lots of poverty, crime and corruption, so I had this picture in my head, of all the poor kids I saw begging for money, and all the people that I saw suffering. When I arrived at downtown Orlando and look at the group of homeless people my first impression was: "Is this a Joke? You are calling this people homeless and needy? Look at them!, wearing shoes, clean clothes!!! Why are we helping them"
I just came back from a place full of extreme poverty, and when I saw this I was a tad troubled. The problem is, that I had missed the point. Later in the day after listening to them I realized what it really means to be homeless, and why we are having such a big "homelessness" problem in the US, and the same reason applies to my country. You can dress them, feed them, give them shelter, but all of those efforts won't mean anything unless you give them food for their souls and that is the truth and the gift of Jesus Christ. Yes, homeless people here are dressed better than people down there. However, the only reason why we have that difference is the overall economy and the quality of life. The problem remains the same (just better dressed for the happy tourists).

I realized that not only are they homeless physically, they are also homeless spiritually. They have no where to go and sometimes they feel that they have no meaning.
After I realized that, two truths came to my mind. Material help will never solve the problem, and that the same effort we put on charities, donations, and the things we give, that same effort(and even more, lots lots more) should be used to teach people about Christ. When they come to realize that they have a savior, a father, a friend, a lord that will hold them, they will certainly feel that they have a home, and they will feel safe. God will provide them with the oportunity of getting off the streets, living a better life all thanks to him, and most certainly they will live their life FOR him.

I learned that "we" the believers have no excuse for not serving others, because everywhere in the world the same problem remains, spiritually homeless people, and we are commanded to reach them and show them the way to that great mansion that is the kingdom of God.
Right now I'm not able to help the people from my country, but I know that God requires from me to help the people I am able to help, regardless of their condition.
The field is HUGE but the workers are few.

So, last Sunday, Brandon was extremely evil and had me lead BASIC all alone :-), and as it always happens with me, things become chaotic. I had a lil trouble getting people to help out that day, but Brandon redeem himself and found some people that could help out. I think we served around 87 people this Sunday and we did it with the help from Living Waters Church of Ocoee, they are pretty cool guys and even though our plan for joining forces that day was very rushed, we performed our duties very well. People was fed and the word was preached, the skies wanted to let some rain out and a few guys were getting grumpy but the water stopped. After we were done I wrapped things up and i had big surprise....
After checking stuff we determined it was the battery (Mitch Mitchell was a great help).
We got the battery jumped and we were on our way back. It was a mighty LONG Sunday. So since I made it alive here I present to you:


Marilyn Lucas: For Kids

Jose Larios: Health

Julia Geiger: Social Security.

Leon Stephene: Yes, Job

James Massey: Some one to help me buy run down build to fix up and resell.

Chicago: Good day, work and my kids and my girl.

Larry D. Binns: Get job either with Orlando or Maitland.

John: Staying with God

Dan McMillan: Yes.

Steven Arp: My sons

George Graham Jr.: Strength and Courage

James: Yes

John Huovinen: I am in need of work to buy a Bas TxT to mols.

Ms. Jucques Davis: Yes, that the homeless, All, be blessed. To come off the streets of the United States of America.

Ron Hollis: Baby Hollis

Thomas Tugman: For a Home

Kathleen Parks: Not at this time except prayer for all.

Greg James: Tomorrow you are not where I am today.

Scott Christensen: Help me to do it myself.

Claudia: So one to keep their promise.

Michael: Same as Claudia

Johnny Thompson: I would love for Jesus to take alcohol and drugs out of my system and life forever.

Dayton Tompkins: Yes

Samantha Howell: Get off the streets.

Roosevelt Greene: That God will protect and continue to provide for me upon this path

Sheryl Dickson: To have a place next month.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all your support. Have a great week folks.


Our "special guy" this week is George Graham. Click the BASIC banner at the top of the screen to find out more about his struggle on the streets.

Recent News not withstanding... BASIC will continue feeding downtown. I wasn't worried about the original legislation, seemed like it continued to allow feeding where BASIC meets now. This law, however, seems to be worded differently. Namely the "2 Mile" part I don't understand.... What's that about?
Does it apply to us?
Cant say now. We'll still go downtown Sunday, we'll still feed people. We'll beg forgiveness before we ask permission to do the right thing. We'll smile and differ, and continue preaching the Gospel.
So pray for us!
Love in Christ,
GB HOYT- Positive Activist

Monday, July 24, 2006

Spiritual Victory - Devotions for Overcomers: The Divine Exchange

Spiritual Victory - Devotions for Overcomers: The Divine Exchange

Barry Davis calls us to examine the life we lead in service to the king! Remember we had the servant king, someone who washed the feet of his followers. Man that's hard! I can think of a couple of guys at work I need to serve.

I'd like to highlight a servant: Rafael Estrada, yesterday he took the fishmobile out, and represented BASIC downtown. The youth from Southeast accompanied him, and another church called "living waters" helped as well. They've been coming downtown, but because of the recent city ordinances, have moved over toward our area. Rafi told me they served over 80 guys! The fishmobile also broke down, so we'll need to do something about that. I suspect the starter or charging system. Not fun either way!
We'll have a more complete update later....