Friday, February 10, 2006

Trying to stay well....

Don't get sick.
I'm sick right now. That makes me STUPID>
I'm supposed to be going downtown Sunday with FCC Winter Park . They are great people there. We are supposed to be doing a study on Matthew 6:19-23 downtown with homeless people. Why don't you guys follow along?

Why Do You Do Those Things You Do?
Matthew 6:19-23

1. What happens to every gift you are given, every pair of boots you will receive, every dollar you will earn? Matthew 6:19; 2 Peter 3:10

2. Where are our eternal possessions? Matthew 6:20

3. How can people tell if you are living for yourself or for God? Matthew 6:21

4. What does what we see with our eyes have to do with the attitude in our hearts? Matthew 6:22, 23

Notice the questions are simple, and the answers come straigt from the text we are studying, plus or minus a supporting text.
So, do the lesson, post your comments, and lets talk Jesus!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

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  • So,
    Everyone out there excited about what's happened here? I have taken the last couple of days off the "Secret Blog" and put them here. soon, everything I was doing on the secret blog will be done here. This is an experiment to see if I've made the text above dynamic.
    Since it is so easy to make things into links using the software I use for the old site, I might just make all the articles and links there, and have one link back. I don't know how many people actually jump those links I see in everyone's blog, but for me, it would help because I like to read the article that is being commented upon before I read Joe Blow's comments on it.
    PEace out!

    Believing And Serving In Christ

    Believing And Serving In Christ
    Now I've got me a real blog! The question is, can I figure out how to edit it!
    February 9, 2006
    Man am I beat! Last nite Katherine was up and at em, from 12-4. She just didn't want to go to sleep! Stubborn Kuss. I'm definately going to need a nap later this afternoon. Anywho...What has the Devil got up his sleeve? I believe there is a plan afoot. Ever notice how Islam always seem to take the show? People are wondering about the relationship between the apparently coordinated attacks on Danish interests. While different people are saying different things, I think I'm beginning to understand what has taken place. On the human side, there is a huge issue of pride: Pride in who the Arab Muslim is. How will I (an equally prideful person) get around this issue?GB HOYT

    February 7, 2006
    I go to sub training today. IT's the second day. I'm pretty sure I'll like subbing, but today will tell me a lot because I'll go straight from orientation to Publix. That should be interesting. Then tomorrow I have an interview with a school to become a "pilot sub".
    See you tomorrow!!GB Hoyt

    February 3, 2006
    Update: Still not a great time to be a small church. Since this is Black History month, and this is alabama, I wonder if those white sheeted idiots are at work again. Some people. Rain has been variable today, sometimes heavy.

    Well, it seems like I still have all my microsoft word documents! Missed that bullet. Today it is raining. Its' a good rain too, right now at least. Hard, no lightening near by. Sunday it is supposed to be cold, but we son't be able to get downtown. Frustrating. I'm the only one out of bed, and for the first time in about a week and a half, I actually feel like sleeping did some good. I feel sharp today. Everywhere except my fingers. They are a little stiff. Probably the weather. Keep praying...GB HOYT