Friday, January 12, 2007

On the Necessasity of Gettin' it Right the First Time...

This article is a brief foray into the topic of "unspoiled", "perfect", "sinless". It stems in part from a desire to understand life, the universe, and everything, and more specifically, to be able to intelligently answer and understand questions like, why is there evil and sufferring in the world?
This is a broad subject and I take a very analytical approach to it. I like to see how all the dots connect to make the big picture, and I believe that an answer to suffering is contained in the fundamental essence of "The Way Things Are"(TWTA. One part of TWTA is to understand how Everything is put together. By Everything, I mean Everything, every rock, every galaxy every moment of history, every moment of present (and possible presents) and every moment of futures (and possible futures). Everything... (*Just for arguments sake, for now, let's consider the reality of everything possible as being different from the concept something possible.*) Check out this link if you are having a hard time thinking about Everything, I think it makes it crystal clear (if you are looking through an amythest at least...)
Everything is put together in such a fashion that we cannot see Everything. We can't see even the past, we experience it as it is. We cannot, but that doesn't mean that SomeOne isn't watching Everything right now. I believe God sees Everything. That's important because unless you see Everything, you can't understand TWTA.
See where this is going? We see TWTA in a fixed dimension, namely 4th dimensionally, We don't see things that happen in dimesions above and below. We can represent something 2 dimensional by drawing a line on a sheet of paper, but in reality, the line has length, width and depth. The closest one could come is the computer screen you are looking at right now, but once again, there is nothing two dimensional about the images on the screen, they don't even really exist! Light is emmanated from the screen from particles that have four dimensions, and without that critical fourth dimension, you couldn't see things change.
So God see Everything, so only He can Understand TWTA.
something to consider next time I think about blaming Him for something....