Monday, March 05, 2007

Great Experiences this Last Sunday...

Hello Everybody!
We had a good experience last nite, partially due to the great help we had, mostly to do with the goodness of God. Three groups participated with BASIC in a coordinated effort to meet the needs of Orlando's homeless. Randy Patterson led his small group,
Roland Howard brough a group of Spanish Speakers from Poinciana Christian Church, and some students from his Missions and Evangelism class came as well.
Students lead the worship time, and one of the students (Matt) gave the word. I was grateful to have the Poinciana group as well, because there are usually 4-6 guys downtown and that's all they really speak. Felix Estrada (Rafi's uncle) translated for a couple of guys from Hondouras. We received many prayer requests.

BASIC is hard to describe sometimes, but sometimes things just work. This was one of those nite when things just worked. Thank you Lord for success!

Here are the Prayer requests:

Michael Johnson: To get out of the streets
William Joseph: Pray for that I get right!
James Bell: Home
Telani Ward: Yes medically, spiritually needs, Ronnie Rubin Pray for him.
Ernest Owens: My beloved family
Yvette Gully-Murray: Thanks for being a spiritual force in the homeless lifes Jesus
bless your ministry, please continue to pray for our leadership for the Lord,
Amen: Love Yvette
Fred Halcomb: Pray to get better, Amen
Alex Noble: For me and my friends
Krystal Coleman: Peace
John Johnson: yes
Dannie: Prayer stay off drugs
David Walker: That we can get a place to live.
Jorge Zelaya: Mother in Honduras
Luis Mendoza: My family
Lynn Brannum: safe to California
Edmond Gray: Help get off drugs
Jimmy Gates: Yes Health Issues
Dee: Yes- I pray for porsperity

Thanks for your prayers,
GB HOYT- Your Positive Activist.