Saturday, March 04, 2006

Things to pray for Tomorrow,,,

Please consider the following things as you pray:
Tomorrow I speak at a congregation in Orlando, Pray that God will prompt them to partner with us in ministry.

Tomorrow Nite as we minister downtown we will need safety, materials to hand out, and opportunities to witness to people about Jesus.

Monday we have a board meeting.

I will give an update Sunday about what happened downtown and at the Church.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

It's already March

Got my wife's birthday this month.
Too broke to do too much about that, but we'll work something out.
I use to live in Atlanta, and there are some things you just should never do. Most of the time I would drive the speed limit on the connector through downtown. I'm not entirely sure it's even legal to block traffic like that. I do know that road rage is a problem, just the other day in Volusia county, a volunteer sheriff's department chaplain was arrested following an attempt to arrest smebody who cut him off.

What are we to do?
Believers must live lives above all the junk. It is hard not to get caught up in the world.
Stay Strong.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


The REAL information in this article is at the very end, notice who McD's owns......

Just a little fun.

Something going on? Everyone rattlin' their sabres...
Even the Israelis. No surprise, really. Just mainly that they don't have one or two tridents we've mothballed. Maybe they do. Who knows? Only the Israelis!

Some more fun.
Eat your chocolate! If you don't you will die sooner...

Monday, February 27, 2006

Just What is an Epidemic?

Sometimes, I I think peope don't think about what they are saying.
Consider Richard Gere's comments about AIDS in India.
Let me first qualify myself by saying AIDS is a problem, it's probably the biggest health problem for any country regardless of it's economic situation, but to say there is an HIV/AIDS epidemic is to give the disease more credit than it deserves. It might be a matter of connotation. In the flu epidemic of the early 20th century, people couldn't go out and about without the risk of catching the disease. Lots of people got it because it was easy to get. HIV on the otherhand is almost entirely preventable. THere are very few cases of accident HIV infections, mostly involving health care professionals and accidental needle sticks. I can talk to, hug, have contact with someone who is HIV positive, and never get it. Can't do that with the flu!
Back to the problem...
HIV is a big problem, and people who are positive need the most intensive kind of ministry, especially if they are poor. People can live a long time with the disease if they get the right medicines and treatments.
In most place I believe what people who are HIV positive need the most is human contact. God made us for fellowship, with each other, and with Him.
It's scary to think that you will never be hugged again...
God waits with open arms, let's take care of the sick...

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Events Downtown

Tonite was chilly. Weather service is calling for a low at 41, but the wind is what got me tonite. We had about 13 guys to help. No women. The group helping us was Southside Christian youth and Florida Christian College Students. They were a good group.
"His Love is just another Word for Home"
Andrew Peterson.

Stop fer a minute...
Think about where you are when you read this...
are you "Home?"
Not yet. Not yet.
All the hype of the world about violence and evil, and nukes has nothing to do with what is coming up. "Don't worry about tomorrow, today has enough troubles of its own". Jesus said that! He meant it too. That's why we put our treasure in heaven. so we don't have to worry about stuff. Think about where our treasure is. Think about that...
Our treasure is supposed to be HOME with GOD>
I will sleep tonite knowing that. It means I will sleep well. People can try what they like, but if they don't understand that God can and desires to hold our treasure for us, then they won't find peace.
I have peace because my treasure is out of the hands of the Iranians.
I have peace because my treasure is my soul, and God is kepng that safe in His hand.
One day I'll have a new body too...