Saturday, July 22, 2006

Christian Unity: The Truth of the Gospel

Christian Unity: The Truth of the Gospel
Alan Rouse poignantly hits the nail on the head in this article doesn't he?
I guess I'm sometimes Paul, and other times Peter! Good thing both men were covered by grace.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Viva Las Vegas!!!

This Seems Familiar to me, can't quite figure out why though ;)
Surprisingly, Googling this article doesn't produce a lot of results, way to go Fox, for publishing something besides Israel Vs. Hezbollah!
The significance of this article for Orlando is precident. Considering current attitude toward homeless people here, it's only a matter of time before someone decides to look at the Las Vegas law as a starting point for local law enforcement. Plus the "we ain't the only ones who see a problem" effect comes into play. The more I think about it, the more I like The Housing First Initiative Basically, you get someone off the streets and then worry about their mental, drug, lifestyle problems. As I formulate a theology of sanctification, this makes more and more sense. I mean, God doesn't expect us to get perfect first, but coaxes us to grow.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Just What is the Problem Here?

What is appropriate fellowship?
This article perplexes me. I've fellowshipped with a cappella churches before, and am accountable (ie, placed membership at) to one now. When they've been the only conservative church available, I've gone too them, helped them conduct services with the elderly, and even taught a few Bible Lessons at them. Do I like a cappella music better than instrumental? No! I don't care about the form, but about where there is spirit and truth. I don't sing some hymns a cappella or instrumental, they are just plain wrong.

So what is the problem?

I think in this particular instance, it is because the youth minister at the "independant Christian Church" (what are we independant of I wonder??) is afraid of smaller numbers, and that is directly tied to his performance in the eyes of the leadership. Besides: We can't be havin' our youngfolk lost to the "legalists"! Why they are not unifying!

The problem rests in our inability to understand that our unity is in Christ not our teaching. It's a subtle difference that Sam Dawson seems to get. It seems IMHO that the problems of unity and division occur when we try to think about something we'd be better at acting upon. We are commanded to worship God in spirit and in truth. I'd say, let the kids begin there.
Try to worship God in spirit and in truth today!

The 7/16 Report.

Hello Everybody!
July 16th saw a slight reduction in our crowd, only 72 people received food and clothes. Of course I do mean that number halfway as a joke, many of you can remember that it wasn't long ago that BASIC had between 20-30 on a consistant basis, and 40 was considered a high week!

This picture is of Jessica Brooks and George Graham. George is currently working construction and is waiting to get enough money for an effeciency "away from all the garbage". He struggles, but he usually makes it. Pray for him to have the strength to stand against temption as he seeks to do God's will.
Prayer Requests:
Yevette G. Murray: "Prayer for finances that you for your Ministry, Jesus Bless, Amen!"
Eddie Williams: "Yes"
Phillip King : "Regular Job and lace to live of my own."
Michael Salclawua : "Shoes"
Steven Arp : "My Kids"
Greg James : "good life"
Greg Simpson : "Homeless"
Felix Gonzalez : "pray for myself and my girl"
Jr. DC: "knowing who God really is, to find peace of mind"
Dannie Paul : "Unspoken"
Garrick Mitchell : "Let the rest of the day be peaceful"

Thanks for praying for these guys, don't forget to check the BASIC website for this week's Major needs and special guy!