Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Kelly and I's special day!

It's our wedding anniversary!
We've been married three years. Seems like it's been longer than that, and yet, like it's not been long enough.
You know you've got a special woman when you go out to your ham shack, look in the fridge, and it's got a buncha Dr. Pepper in it!
Man I love that girl....
Makes me want to do the laundry!
Summer time is strange for BASIC. we sometimes get people who want to do stuff for a mission's trip, and our regular helpers sometimes want a break so they can go on vacation or something like that. In all, it usually works out. We had 15 people this last Sunday. I saw Connie Boltz this last sunday, she is someone I perpetually pray for. No Red Feather though...
I've thought about calling the system we use at BASIC "B.U.M.S." : Basic Urban Ministry System. What do you think?