Friday, April 14, 2006

What's so Good About This Friday??

we just create weird names for days...
Yesterday was "Maundy Thursday" and today is "Good Friday." I just found out what the Maundy part means, and it makes sense. What's so good about this friday, though?
Yesterday, I was given a new command, "Love one another" today I watch my Messiah Crucified. My hopes are dashed because of the shear horror of today.
Thank God for Hindsight! I have something that the Apostles and the rest of the early disciples ignored, the Truth. I know what has happened (through faith), and I can thank God today for that knowledge.
I know that Jesus is dying today because of my sin, and without his Death and Atoning worth on the cross, I'd never have fellowship with my Lord.
Is today Good? No, but it really is.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Finding a New Home

My wife and I are buying a home.
The place is in Lakeland, FL. The calm neighborhood has no idea what's about to happen. Little Girls change everything but themselves. My Wife's blog chronicles some of the struggles we face together in finding a new home. It's a challenge, and the house has been a Godsend.
Downtown Orlando is undergoing some changes too. Seems like every week I notice a new building here, and an old building gone. Things are being torn down, new things are going up. Jimmy the Gravy has something to say about that. Cities can sometimes go through the same growing pains I think. Perhaps that is why God mentions cities by name sometimes, talking about their sins and whatnot. The city has the personallity of the people in it. What does that mean where you live? In Orlando, everything has a great exterior, but the insides are often bad, I call that the "disney effect". Perhaps your city has something similar. Time and time again, I think that Christians are unwilling to create the city God wants them to because of their unwillingness to love on another.
Loving means acting.
Act up!