Friday, November 17, 2006

We Will Serve dinner this sunday.

We will serve dinner this sunday.
Please come on out and help!!!

PreWeekend Reminder to Pray!

Homeless to be Evicted!!
Seems like about this time last year we were going through the same rigamarole.
I wonder if the city/residents/CSX understand that positive things don't happen without 1. Consistancy, 2. Centrality, 3. Patience. It's just something people don't understand I guess. We tend to judge someone's sins by what they possess in life, thinking bad things come to bad people.
We may alter plans for the Thanksgiving dinner based on whether or not we will still be allowed to enter the gates so to speak.

Sunday is right around the corner! I've made a few changes this week to the links section, and I want to tell you about a few of the links in addition to reminding you to pray for our activities this weekend.
First of all, you will notice the e-Sword link has been changed to a nifty banner! If you haven't downloaded and installed e-Sword on your computer, please do so, it's a great Bible Study program. I use it to write sermons and lessons.
You will also notice There is a link to The Well Project. The Well Project is a non-profit organization that helps women who are HIV positive understand the effects of HIV on them, and to help keep them well. There are also a few new blogs on the "blog" list of things. Arron "Stickman" Chambers has a blog. He is a minister to Christ's Church, Madarin in Jacksonville. He was the former minister of Southside Christian Church in Orlando, and he is a reall hoopy Frood.
  • The Spiritual Oasis
  • is a site that helps Christians remember who they are, and keep on track. I find the postings to be useful as personal devotional material.
  • La Shawn Barber
  • is a conservative black female who tells it straight.
    I hope you can find something useful from these sites!
    Please also don't forget to spread the word about B.A.S.I.C. Thanks a lot!
    Your Positive Activist:
    G. Brandon Hoyt.

    Thursday, November 16, 2006

    My name is Brandon and I am a failure.

    Read Arron's Post and then let me explain.

    That's what I am afraid of people finding out about me, that is what I hide.
    I am a failure because:
    1. I can't minister full time cause it doesn't pay enough to pay my self caused bills.
    2. I have to go back to school to learn a skill that will allow me to make enough money to pay all my bills.
    3. I failed a class my senior year of college, and it kept me from graduating until the next december.
    4. I could spend all day detailing what I've tried and failed, from ham radio antenna fiascos, to failed attempts at learning foreign languages all without even giving one thought to anything that has worked out right.

    While I say it's ok to fail as long as I learn from the mistake and move on, I can't stand failure, it gets in the way of who I am, and who I want to be. I hesitate doing something new because I think I will fail. Most of the time, when I start a new task, my first thought is "this will never work". Yet I move, and act, and I am usually pretty scared along the way!

    So Pray for me!
    What's your problem?

    GB Hoyt

    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Homelessness in the News

    Hello everyone!
    First and foremost, don't forget to Read Rafi's Blog about next weeks Thanksgiving dinner. That's B.A.S.I.C.'s biggest amount of news.

    Proposal to Cut Young Homeless
    "Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly will unveil a multi-million pound package of measures aimed at cutting the number of young people who become homeless."

    No, it is not another article about violence against homeless people. It's just a bad choice for a tag line! Seems like the boys accross the pond are willing to put a little money into the fray. I find it interesting that the homeless youths are becoming homeless because they are being kicked out of the home. I find it even more interesting that the state, for some reason, feels compelled to feed, clothe, and bathe people that parents are not willing to help. Now I would be willing to feed, clothe, and bathe a homeless castaway youth, but with the aim of familial restoration. Apparently the parents feel like the teens should be able to support themselves. It's funny to me how people forget that money spent by the government is tax money, and that means that even when you kick out the kiddies, you still have to pay for them!
    In all, this is another program I need to look at so I can see what will work in Orlando.

    Grim Milestone for Homeless
    "Imagine an entire busload of people dying in a horrible crash, because of faulty brakes. Cries of outrage, coupled with demands for improved safety inspections, would immediately dominate our newscasts, newspapers, government legislatures and water-cooler conversations."

    Well, lessee, this article is about 500 homeless people's deaths in Toronto. Some of the analogy is faulty. It assumes that all 500 of the people who died were somehow innocent in their circumstances. From my experience, that's not the case. Doesn't excuse us from just letting the problem slide though. I'm glad the church has something going on to remember the death of people who die on the streets. That's one thing that I think is intolerable.

    City Approves Plan on Dealing with Homeless"
    "Homeless residents will be encouraged to move out of Gainesville's downtown by a package of policies approved Monday by Gainesville city commissioners."

    Ok, more feeding bans! Yeah!!! Oh WAIT! They don't work. All they do at best, is shift the problem onto someone else's lawn. Don't really fly in the spirit of Jesus, I think. I haven't looked at the political leanings of the county commissioners, but I bet they aren't all nasty smelly hairy "conservatives". I want to end this summary on a positive note though: They did something Orlando has not, made provision for a drop-in one stop service center. I understand places like this are needed for the proper implementation of the Housing First initiatives, that is, housing is taken care of first, then they are given access to services at one central location. Very Helpful for guys who have debilitating (someone correct my spelling)conditions like Niles (who has parkinson's).

    Just three articles today. Thanks for looking! Remember to pray for and get to know your local homeless people!

    Your Positive Activist,
    G. Brandon Hoyt

    Monday, November 13, 2006

    The Weekly BASIC Report.

    Good day to you all!
    This last Sunday was the epitome of positive experience. If every Sunday were this smooth, there would be no reason for me to show up to do anything but talk to people with needs!!
    Let's talk about what went right this week:
    1. We had folks with experience to serve as the backbone for operations. Our star team from First Christian Church of Winter Park had the experience necessary to put all the volunteers to good use without me telling everyone what to do.

    2. The Florida Christian College Students were ready, willing, and able to help out in any aspect of the ministry. Juan, a young man from the college, gave the evening's message (on 2 Thessalonians Chapter 1, even!), all the students got involved handing out bags, all around me I noticed that the students were involved in one-on-one conversations with people who needed ministry. It's been that way every week when the students have been involved.

    3. There were a lot of prayer requests! It's going to take me a while to type all of these, so here they are!

    James Poynter: to help me get off the street and get a good job
    Garrick Mitchell: pray for family
    Anthony Boykin: I love my mom and niece
    Ernest Randolph: Help me.
    Jack Bishop: Pray I make it to Da west coast b4 next year!!
    Shannon McKarland: For a better life
    Theo Thompson: to change my ways!
    Jeremiah: I need a job, home
    Von Jennings: To be reunited with my family
    Gary D. Clemons: To make it home to Mississippi safely
    Marlo Williams: freedom from Drugs and Alchohol
    Earnest Mitchell: Yes, I need a job
    Otis Parrish: Family
    Baby Ruth Dean: Money
    Deidre Chambers: pray for my daughter and brother and boyriend
    Tim Frasier: For my Savior
    Shorty: I want to pray for our soldiers and for those who are in more need than me.
    Ronald J. Parramore: Birth right parents to be ok. family, Girlfriend.
    Krystal Coleman: Peace
    Jason Giffin: Pray I stay with Christ
    Mr. Willie James Edmonds: (Leave?)
    Gilbert Numall: God's Way.
    Gary: Church in Seattle, Find Job.
    Vincent Lee: Health and Strength
    Jerry: Pray about my Dad!
    Gregory Scott: Help me get a job (wants to be a dishwasher at at hotel)

    That's almost a third of the people we served!!
    I believe prayer is the most important thing we do every week with the people downtown, everything else should lead to us saying thanks to God, and asking him to take us to another level.

    Thank you all! Don't forget to read Rafi's post on next week's thanksgiving feeding!!
    G. Brandon Hoyt

    PS: I would like to ask everyone to make a special prayer request for Jean Yates, she's one of the women we regularly see. She needs some spiritual guidance and accountability for a drug problem she has. if you know anywon, please email me or Rafi.

    Sunday, November 12, 2006

    FYI: Schedule for Thanksgiving Dinner

    Wonderful Derek Reid has provided me with the schedule for this coming Sunday Dinner.

    Here is it is:

    Schedule for Homeless Thanksgiving

    11 am—start making turkey
    1 pm—start making mashed potatoes and Gravy
    3 pm—everyone be at the church
    3:30 pm—leave the church to go serve turkey
    4 pm—set up tables, table clothes, plates, forks, knives, etc.
    4:30—start serving
    5:00—Eat with the homeless people
    6-6:30—Pack up and go home

    I'll keep you posted with any updates!!!

    If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to email Brandon or me at:

    recodepilot (at) gmail [dot] com

    Your Radical Servant

    Rafael Estrada

    Time to Pray!

    Don't forget to pray today!
    Pray for the safety of our meeting, pray for the safety of the people we will serve. Pray for my safe travels to and from Orlando. Pray that you will find opportunities to serve the homeless in your area. Find out if they have jobs before you tell them to go get one, then pray that their boss will pay them pay that they are worth.

    Please thank God for the following things:
    Thank God for Rafael! BASIC happens a lot smoother because of his help.
    Thank God for good weather! Since BASIC has started meeting under the bridge downtown there has been exactly two days of poor weather, one because of a hurricane, and one where it rained.
    Thank God for our supporters. Without them, there is no foodbags, sox, undies, clothes to hand out, or anything because I'm poor, and so is Rafi ;-)
    Thanks for praying!!