Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Homelessness in the News, On your Doorstep...

... Well It's on your doorstep if that's where you are when you read this blog...
Just don't stay there for long! You wouldn't want city officials to enforce the "No Camping" in the city limits ordinance. That's what recently (Last nite) happened to some homeless people in downtown Orlando. And it seems like Las Vegas and Orlando are following parallel courses:

City of Las Vegas Closes Circle Park
"One of the oldest parks in Las Vegas closed down Tuesday just days after a homeless man was stabbed and killed there. City officials say it's the crime that forced them to shut down Huntridge Circle Park. But homeless advocates say it's just a move to push the homeless out."

Las Vegas recently had it's own feeding ban put into effect, and it's interesting to watch what happens in Orlando and Las Vegas. I'm convinced that there is basically no reason for either Orlando or Las Vegas to exist other than to provide pleasure for people, and nobody wants to look at homeless people while they party. We are so selfish in this country.

Growing up Homeless
Hey, homelessness isn't just an american problem! I find it interesting that there are 100,000 homeless families in the UK.

City Activates Homeless Warming Centers
More and more of these stories are appearing, as it is that time of year. Some organizations in Orlando will open their doors if the expected low is to dip below 40 degrees (it does actually get that cold ever now and then around here). I'm glad we are blessed with warm weather for the most part though. Usually there is a bump up in the homeless population this time of year, as citrus industries gear up for production, and northern weather gets cooler.

Thanks for your time in looking at what's going on!
Publix has scheduled me for another sunday, but we are going to see about that....
Thanks for your prayers!
G Brandon Hoyt

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Prayer Request Update

Good Morning!
Well, for some of you it will be a "good afternnoon" or good evening,
But none the less, The sun is rising somewhere.
first of all, let me explain last nite's lesson:
W.Y.L.D. -N- OUT!!!
First of all, you have to read 1 Thessalonians Chapter 4 to get the scripture we studied. Now you will notice there is a whole lot of talk in this passage about being the exact opposite of being wild or "wyld" as it were. That's ok, because that's the point. I find four things we are to practice and one thing to remember in this passage, and it just so happens that you can make it all spell "W.Y.L.D. -N- Out"

W- We are given istructions. God tell us in this passage how to be sanctified, that is, how we can be made holy. We are to be sanctified in our sexual relationships, Our desires and "lusts" (we don't just lust for sex you know, some of us have problems with drugs, alchohol, power, control, money, all of our lusts). Our relationships with our fellowman is to be sanctified too. We are to "love our neighbors as ourselves"

Y- You and I are called to be Holy. The call we are given in our instructions comes from God, not man. Lot's of people want God's love, but they don't want to admit when they need to let go of what they want and take hold of the life God has for them to live. That's why homeless people are beaten by youths, and why they are also evicted from under bridges. NOBODY wants to be holy. It is a life we are called to though. We are to be different than the world.

L- Love your Brothers. Go read 1 John 3:16-18 Nuff Said...

D- Do your Work. We need to make sure we are doing the work God has called us to do, whether it's making money, or it's our acts of service, God has given us things to do. Minding our affairs is not just some sneering command to "mind our own business" but instead is a command to look after our household affairs. It is a nicer way of saying "get the plank out of your eye before removing the speck from your brothers." Notice the reason why we are told to live quietly, mind our own affairs, and do our work: OTHERS ARE WATCHING....

-N- OUT: Never forget what's next: WE ARE GONNA BE OUTTA HERE!!!!! The Lord will return, and we will have justice!
Praise the Lord, come quickly....

Until then, please pray for the Homeless of Orlando, and other places. If you get a chance visit Scott's Blog He's a homeless man in Utah, looking for, finding, and fulfilling his purpose, so stop by, give him some encouragement.
We served about 60 people this weekend, and saw Brian Nichols. Brian was a big help. He's the pastor of First Vagabond Church of God, a church for homeless people by homeless people. It's always good to see Brian. He and other homeless people have formed a community of believers in downtown Orlando to help encourage and strengthen each other as they become more like Jesus. Pray for their safety, and that B.A.S.I.C. can do what it can to assist Brian with what he needs.
Here's this week's prayer list:

Shunn Atwell: My Mom
Michelle: That me and Terrance gets the $308 we need to go to Wisconsin.
Terrance Benson: For me and my girl friend to get to Wisconsin before Christmas.
Thomas Tugman: For peace in the world.
Mike Smith: Get the heck out of here: my wife to have a baby.
Mo (Mike's wife): Pray for my mom and children, Erin (4), Anthony (10), Cody (3), and for me to have a baby and get the heck out of here.
Ted Grey: Pray for my well-Being
Ricky: Family
Clayton D. McRae: Homeless needs a lot of Prayer by Jan 07 moving out west, way out west.
Corey Shaw: Yes! That the Lord provide me with a better place to live.
Krystal Coleman: Peace
Michael Saldana: a Healing
Jill Naujoks: My Sons
Kathleen Parks: Pray for all!
Von Jennings: To be restored to family, Micks.
Dawn Poynter: God bless all
James Poynter: That everyone gets what they pray for.

Thanks for the prayers!
G. Brandon Hoyt gettin' W.Y.L.D.-N- OUT in Central FL!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

W.Y.L.D.-N- OUT!!!

OK Everybody!
We are getting ready for another evening downtown. tonite's sermon will be Called W.Y.L.D. -N- OUT!! As you can tell, we at B.A.S.I.C. are big into acronyms, and after our experience downtown, I'll tell you what it means.
Until then, we need to pray! Pray that we proclaim the word faithfully, and are able to meet needs. Pray for our safety, and for the safety of the homeless of Orlando. I know I missed my weekly "homeless in the news" update, but we'll make it up this week! December is around the corner!!
Love in Christ,
G. Brandon Hoyt -your positive activist.