Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sunday School Lesson

Hey all!
While I am not preaching this Sunday in Orlando, I am giving the Sunday school lesson today at Highlands Church of Christ. I would like to share it here with you so you can see it and so people can view it online as well. The text is from Psalm 129 and here are the nine questions I will be asking tomorrow!
1. How is the suffering of the children of Israel described in Psalm 129:3?

2. What are some of the afflictions they may have been facing at the time? Ezr_3:3; Neh_2:10

3. Why does the Psalmist declare the Lord to be righteous in Verse 4?

4. What does the writer ask God to do? Verse 5.

5. Who is in Zion? What comes from there? Psalm 2:1-6; 9:11; 14:7; 20:2; 50:2 What is the significance of being turned away from Zion?

6. When are some times that the children of God have faced an enemy, only to be delivered at the last moment? Acts 16:16-39

7. Name some of the enemies of the children of God: 1 Corinthians 15:26, 1Peter 5:8 Matthew 13:37-39; Acts 13:8-11; James_4:4

8. Can we continue to expect God to deliver us from our enemies? Revelation 20:7-15

9. Is God's blessing extended to those who oppose and frustrate the children of God? Verse 8

I'm not going to link all the other verse references, if you want that you will need the E-sword topic file from me!!!
It's free to use.
Any questions?

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Extra, Extra Read all Ablog it!

This is the midweek news update!!
YEah I did it...
First of all, some personal news: As many of you know, Kelly is great with child, and we've been pretty nervous. I'm nervous at least. I remember when our first daughter was born and how trying of an experience it was, if only because of the nature of the emergency that was involved. Katie was born via an emergency c-section, and that means that little yet to be born Emma will have to be born by one as well. Yesterday, Kelly went to the doctorman again, and he said that they will probably do the surgery October 3. I don't know, but it just seems funny to me that we can plan our Kid's birth. The first birth wasn't planned at all though, at least.
Keep praying for us in this time!
Ok, so, some homeless news:
A lady we had seen from time to time named Venus Martinez was murdered late July. I found out this last Sunday. She was found near the spot we usta meet, as a matter of fact, we *Just* changed where we meet, right after they found her body. Word is that she was raped and strangled. It's been about a month since it happened, and I haven't been able to find any information about any progress in the investigation. I mention it now cause it's news to me, and I did know her...
... also, seems like the powers that be are deliberately focusing on Murdered Homeless People. I don't know this guy, and I don't Stephen King The Person He Murdered or why he was murdered, but I do know there are lots of communities like the one where this guy lived along the I-4 corridor that need some sort of constant community witness to the changing power of Christ.
NOTE: The link for "The person he murdered" contains comments left in Honor of King. It helps to make homelessness something tangible to see the impassioned pleas of people who either knew him, or researched him...
A little research can change the hardest hearts.
Here's a site with some interesting news about violence against homeless people toward the east coast in Deland: Police search for suspects in beating of homeless man it's good cause it deals with the latest, and it focuses on some of the past crimes in the area.
God please rip the callous off our hearts!

for the 2 coming Sundays I won't be going downtown to do food and clothes. This next Sunday I need to go shopping for BASIC. Hopefully there will be some back to school backpacks on sale! Why not buy two or three and drop them off at the church building? Sunday after Kelly is having a baby shower, and I'm on Daddy duty. So that's the news, I hope you were changed
Now get out there and Love somebody!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

God Loves You, me, Tina, and Steve!

Back from downtown.
Here I am, I didn't get too worked up, but I did yell. I wonder if you can guess the parts of the sermon that I yelled. I'll give you a hint. I really don't think that some things are fair...
Anywho. I served about twenty-four people Sunday Nite, me and God, and some of them helped eveyone. Things went really well. I arrived about six downtown, and was done by seven. I call that a perfect plan, even though it rained lightly the entire time. Somehow, the rain was enough to feel appropriate considering the subject matter of the sermon.
Let me give you an interesting God story about today. In my travels, I have to decide by the time I get to the end of my street tolls or no tolls. Paying tolls means I save half an hour sometimes in travel time. Not paying tolls means I save about $3.50. Hmmm. It's not really an issue right now, because I don't have any toll money!!! :-D Hooray for simplicity!
In my simplicity, I prepared to exit highway 98 onto I-4, and I spied some hitch hikers. Two of them to be precise, a man and a woman.
WARNING!!! I am not about to advocate picking up hitch hikers. There are just too many way to creepy Urban Legends to just go picking them up. I knew them both!!! I also knew they were homeless I recognized Tina Bishop right away. She's small... I didn't recognize Steve first off though. They are the ones mentioned in the title of the post. They had come to Lakeland for the weekend to give Steve's Kids some good news and they were on their way back. Well, I was able to give them a ride to Orlando in the A/C. God has great timing.

So: Here are the prayer requests:
Jack Bishop: Everything
Adrian Hendy: Things get better
Cathy: Grandma
John Santrock: My Grandma
Nelson Daniels: Need Job, Place to stay.
Mona Thomas: To fight hunger and pneumonia while it continues to rain.
Steve: That we make it through another day.
David Fahrmer: For my mother and for our safety on the streets.
Robert Duncan: Pray for my mother.

Nearly fifty percent participation this week on the requests! Hey, that ain't bad...
So. Everyone have a good week, I'll have some more news later.
God Bless you!!