Sunday, March 12, 2006

Some second Sunday Sermonizing....

Keep Praying, things are working.
I thought I was going to spend the weekend in GA, promoting the mission, but that didn't work. It seems like sometimes God thinks that doing ministry is more important than fundraising. I guess that's because People want results, and tonite I got some.
There's this dude named Mike I used to see downtown, sometime about 9-10 months ago he disappeared after we prayed downtown. He was having a rough time, his ex-wife had died, and he was feeding a nasty drug habit. We prayed together, and I didn't see him again until tonite. Turns out, the next day he had a heart attack. dropped right next to lake E. Bola (eola for you non locals in the know), and a nurse who was jogging through the park rescued him. After he got out of the hospital, he got into a treatment program, and now works at a oil change place in Hunter's creek. He seems to be doing well. Now we need to get him plugged into a church. Something to keep praying about.
We served 31 People tonite. We need shoes bad. I don't know who I will see each week, but it's something that I consistently see we need.

Here's the prayer requests:

James A Ken : Job Security
Yvette G. Murray : Jesus bless your ministry. Prayer for obedience in Christ's ways! Amen!
Redfeather Stands : Pray for me so I can overcome my addictions.
Kelvin Dickey : Help in my situation
Jean Yates : Pray for my fiance Lawrence
Anthony Johnson : A job and a place to stay.

Thanks for your prayers, they are making a diffence, and don't forget about Mike!!!!!

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