Monday, April 24, 2006

New Office, New Faces, New Things, New Orleans.

I have a "New Office"- Well, not really new, it is still the same old office, just it's finally been cleaned. Two students from Licoln Christian College came down two weeks ago and cleaned stuff up. Man they helped out a lot! They didn't get a chance to help out with what we do Sundays, but they did do a lot to get us ready for this last Sunday. So thank you twin Amandas!

New Faces
by G. Brandon Hoyt
evangelist at Large
Orlando is called "the City beautiful". It boasts of being the entertainment center of the world, and the place where everyone comes for vacation. The seedier side of the city tells a different story. Beneath the thin veil of beauty rests an ugly secret. Everyone at disney looks nice when they go to work, but all is not well here. I see new faces downtown every week. Many time their stories go something like this: I came here for work, I worked, I lost my job. Usually the "lost my job" part is because of some substance or lack of payment because the work was all done under the table so to speak. Unrighteousness keeps the city beautiful.
I've also seen some more new faces.
Every now and again someone steps forward and says "I want to help." Last month, a young man named Raphael was that person. He is 18 years old, and Ecuadorian. Pretty cool guy all around. Click his name to learn more about him.
New Things:
Somebody stole my idea! Believe it or not, I've had this idea for a while to get people networked, and whatnot. Even the cool picture id bit...
Mark of the beast...
Seems like the more scared a person is about getting an rfid tag is the more likely they are to have the mark as I understand it. LET HE WHO HAS EARS TO HEAR HEAR WHAT THE SPIRIT SAYS.
New Orleans:
Louisiana politics as usuall.

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