Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Where's my ISP?

I ordered internet service on the 24th of April.
Yesterday I still had no modem, so I call my supposed ISP, Verizon. They don't have a record of me, so I had to order again. I got a call today telling me to expect service at the end of the month. It was a dark day.
Enough of the Hemmingway.
Moving should be a sport, that way, we'd figure out better accessories and whatnots than the patented U-Haul appliance dolly. We'd also really think about what we packed before we moved. Right now, Kelly and I have thrown out about two boxes of stuff we didn't even need to pack, and that amount is going to grow. I have a shack now. A real Radio shack! I'll have to share space with the Christmas Tree though. It also needs a door, but we'll replace our old doors soon, and when we do, one of those will go onto the shack door. Hehe! Late nite QRP operations on 40m, here we come! I'm a ham radio operator, KG4GVL, if you didn't know that already. It's a great way to relax, plus it helps me be ready for emergency type things. I've got dreams for this little shack. I call it the "Shack in the back". Sounds great for a QSL card, eh?
Enough shop talk.
Last sunday, Rafael covered for me again. This young man is phenomenal! Unfortunately, he twisted his ankle sometime later on, and is now on crutches. With your prayers, he'll be back up and at'em in two weeks. We won't go downtown next Sunday to give our volunteers some time to spend with their mamas, but in two weeks, we'll be back downtown. Rafi and I are also looking into Orlando's underground, to find the network of punk rockers and fringe elements. It's an area of ministry he's really interested in. It's also the proverbial tough row to hoe, so keep us in prayers about that.
Since buying a home, I've realized a few things about God and myself. Number One: No matter how hard I try, I am not in control. I only control how I respond. Number Two: God's love is big. I love my wife, and would do anything for her, but God's love is bigger. God will protect me and her late at night when bad things happen. It's so easy to say I trust that, but acting on it is a different matter. God is teaching me to pray to him, not to my own abilities. Number Three: Ministry in groups works! Everyday a group of people minister to me, and it is helping me. Whether it's my Pop, The Gravy, Raphael, or my Wife, they collectively nuture my soul.
Keep it up Guys!
And thank you.
Thank you too Mom, for doing all you do!

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Gravy JMM said...

blog soup for the soul...hey you do the same for me, always have.