Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Our crowd continues to grow!
This last Sunday, we helped 78 people get things they need, whether, food, clothes, or things that help spiritually. Rafi develivered the sermon on John 9, and he did a good job! We'll have more on John 9 later. Don't forget to check out this week's special friend on the BASIC homepage.

Prayer List:
John M Conlon : "for me and my wife to be Paula McCreeny for full prosperity and to get her vehicle on the road."
Paula McCreeny : "Get my car repaired again, to have earned money again"
George Graham : "Prayer for strength"
Johnny Thompson : "Yes I would like Jesus to take away my desire for alcohol and drugs forever and to bless me to stay healthy, strong, and prosperous. "
Shadow Hawk: "Yes, Orlando, and New Orleans, and Miss.(issippi)"
Jonathan Amos Mitchell : "Psalm 26"
Carroll Hawkins : "Phone" (*Carroll is a guy, and one of our regulars, Ray Evans, Member with the Winter Park congregation, was able to answer this prayer request right away! Praise God for people who are willing to be Christ's hands and feet!*)
Larry D. Binns : "Get the position with either Orlando city or Maitland"
Danny Kennel : "No Floodings"
Mike Fai'son : "Prayer for my wife, who is in jail for problems at home."
Joe Smith : "Myself"
Alonzo Roper : "For better production"
***Terry Lange*** : "I had my ID stolen I need prayer so I can get it and few things" visit www.basicorlando.org/ThingsWeNeed.html

Terry is this week's special guy.
Luis Espinoza : "for Me"
Steve : "Prayer for all people"
Felix Gonzalez : "I need you to pray for me"
Theo Thompson : "Socks"
Krystal Coleman : "Health, wellness"
Connie Boltz : "Pray for me to get off the streets"
Annie R. Harvey : "Hope" Annie was in a motorized wheelchair this week, I didn't get a chance to talk to her about the hope she can have in Christ, but we were able to meet some of her needs.
William Robinson : "backpack"
Fred Halcomb : "Need Help"
Yvette Murray : "Please pray for finacial needs being met. Amen, Thanks Jesus bless you!"
Ramadan Muhammad : "food"
Jucques Davis : "yes! that things gets better for the homeless."

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