Monday, November 20, 2006

Turkey... mmmmhhh....

Hello Everyone!
This is a new Moment in BASIC history, Rafael is typing the prayer requests even as I am typing this, and somehow, working together, it is all happening!
This last Sunday Rafi lead the youth group from Southeast Christian Church on an expedition to feed the homeless of Orlando Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday. It's important to remember that while we set this Thursday aside to be especially thankful for the year, we also set aside each Sunday to be thankful for all the grace and Goodness God gives us every DAY! Being thankful is key to being restored to God, we are thankful for the blessing that He gives us, whether health, or family, or encouragement from others. It is in the act of thankfulness that we acknowledge that God is in control and we learn to submit to Him! Thank God for willing people too, without Rafi, and Corey, and Derek, and Red Feather, and countless others, BASIC would be a wash!!
GB HOYT- Your Thankful Activist.

Prayer Requests.

Thomas Thugman: For good Health.
Jerry Lynch: Low rent housing, something I can afford, thank you.
Ted Grey: Pray for my well being.
Richard Hughes: That job keeps going good and watch over me and my son.
James Poyntes: To get off the streets and have a nice place to live.
George Guahaer Jr.: Healing of my body and mind, as well as my brothers and sister who are going through hard times.
Jerry Stanfill: My Dad!
Juan Ramos: Pray for me for salvation.
Joseph Thompson: God to bless me and make my life better.
Pamela Munu: Low housing.
Anthony Goyens: Pray 4 everyone.
Edwin Cabrera: Power to make strong in Jesus.
Dawn Atkinson: Long Life.
Sherri Phillips: That me and my husband fins housing soon, and that my husband Job continues going good.
Lawrence Sutton: Don't get mad at anyone.
Red Feather Stands: Pray that I can go home some day.
Bobby Jones: Peace on Earth.
Deirdre Chambers: Daughter and brother and boyfriend, daddy, aunty, cousins, uncle.
Brandon Hoyt: Thank God for his rich blessings, and people who are willing to let the Church be the Church!!

Sunday's dinner was great!!!!! we had just enough people and just enough food for everyone, we had a different style for serving this time.
We brought tables and chairs so the homeless could sit down while we would wait on them and bring them their food, so everyone was chilling while listening to the word brought to us by Elliot Perez, an awesome servant of the Lord from Living Waters Church, He is such a great example of the passion that Christians should have towards helping others. Elliot talked about the devotion we need to have towards God, and that it doesn't mean that things will be easy, that we need to follow God and hear his call but in order to do that we have to renounce to our addictions, that we have to fight for it, we can't let fear control us, we need to keep our eyes on God.

Many many thanks to the Southeast's Youth Group, the kids were fast and very good at serving and helping, Derek is a very good leader and its clear they have learned what is to serve Jesus. Also many thanks to Matty, John , Corey and my uncle Felix whom provided trucks to carry the tables and such. Thanks to Mrs. Reid who did such a good job with the turkeys. And to everybody else that helped out, this dinner would have not been possible without your support. God's children ROCK!!!!!
And specially many many many many many thanks to Billy, Philly, and Joe, the three turkeys, I will miss them dearly... ::tear::

God, thank you so much for your blessings and the light you shine for us.

Rafael Estrada, Radical Servant

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