Sunday, February 26, 2006

Events Downtown

Tonite was chilly. Weather service is calling for a low at 41, but the wind is what got me tonite. We had about 13 guys to help. No women. The group helping us was Southside Christian youth and Florida Christian College Students. They were a good group.
"His Love is just another Word for Home"
Andrew Peterson.

Stop fer a minute...
Think about where you are when you read this...
are you "Home?"
Not yet. Not yet.
All the hype of the world about violence and evil, and nukes has nothing to do with what is coming up. "Don't worry about tomorrow, today has enough troubles of its own". Jesus said that! He meant it too. That's why we put our treasure in heaven. so we don't have to worry about stuff. Think about where our treasure is. Think about that...
Our treasure is supposed to be HOME with GOD>
I will sleep tonite knowing that. It means I will sleep well. People can try what they like, but if they don't understand that God can and desires to hold our treasure for us, then they won't find peace.
I have peace because my treasure is out of the hands of the Iranians.
I have peace because my treasure is my soul, and God is kepng that safe in His hand.
One day I'll have a new body too...

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