Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Homelessness in the News, On your Doorstep...

... Well It's on your doorstep if that's where you are when you read this blog...
Just don't stay there for long! You wouldn't want city officials to enforce the "No Camping" in the city limits ordinance. That's what recently (Last nite) happened to some homeless people in downtown Orlando. And it seems like Las Vegas and Orlando are following parallel courses:

City of Las Vegas Closes Circle Park
"One of the oldest parks in Las Vegas closed down Tuesday just days after a homeless man was stabbed and killed there. City officials say it's the crime that forced them to shut down Huntridge Circle Park. But homeless advocates say it's just a move to push the homeless out."

Las Vegas recently had it's own feeding ban put into effect, and it's interesting to watch what happens in Orlando and Las Vegas. I'm convinced that there is basically no reason for either Orlando or Las Vegas to exist other than to provide pleasure for people, and nobody wants to look at homeless people while they party. We are so selfish in this country.

Growing up Homeless
Hey, homelessness isn't just an american problem! I find it interesting that there are 100,000 homeless families in the UK.

City Activates Homeless Warming Centers
More and more of these stories are appearing, as it is that time of year. Some organizations in Orlando will open their doors if the expected low is to dip below 40 degrees (it does actually get that cold ever now and then around here). I'm glad we are blessed with warm weather for the most part though. Usually there is a bump up in the homeless population this time of year, as citrus industries gear up for production, and northern weather gets cooler.

Thanks for your time in looking at what's going on!
Publix has scheduled me for another sunday, but we are going to see about that....
Thanks for your prayers!
G Brandon Hoyt


Anonymous said...

How many "sword" battles have you been in since working for Publix

G. Brandon Hoyt said...

I've had a couple,
PRAISE THE LORD! I don't have to work the 17th, or at all.

G. Brandon Hoyt said...

Or at all on Sundays this month, lemmee say...

Anonymous said...

The Berkeley, California mayor has asked the police to halt sweeping of camps without giving notices and when they do a sweep the police need to store and tag each persons belongings.

At least they're giving some respect to a homeless persons God given personal property.

Anonymous said...

Well that wasn't the right story and it actually was a Judge who order the halt of homeless camp sweeps in Fresno. Here is a list of other cities efforts to boot the homeless and show them no respect, The Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities