Wednesday, May 02, 2007

GASP!!! a new Post!!

Pardon my slacking, I haven't known what to say.
Sundays have been weird. The city of Orlando has pretty much determined that we will always have a hard time getting some consistancy in the lives of the homeless because they will always be hurried off when they inconviniance the city council. I don't know what it will take in that regard, other than a permanent meeting space. Until they get their act together though, I'm considering a change of venue so to speak. There are homeless people here in Lakeland where I live, and I think we'll start doing some work with them. I can invest a lot more time with a lot less effort, and if there is one thing that I know makes a difference it is the amount of time you spend with people that matters. The congregation where my wife and I currently worship has a youth minister that seems to be willing to see what happens in Orlando so we can start sometime here in Lakeland, I will keep you posted.

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Gravy JMM said...


Gravy JMM said...

Why not start a new blog site that just has random "george" wisdom and just blog on stuff about stuff and things

The Louisiana Bayou Rat said...

I seem to remember that the homeless are found everywhere you look. We are all really homeless for the time being, aren't we? In regards to the big picture stuff I mean. Just don't want to be homeless in Dallas from what I hear. ( Of course, I fail to grasp why anyone would want to be homed in Dallas as well.)