Thursday, November 13, 2008

Short Fall Rundown...

This fall has been an *Amazing* time for BASIC. Some big things are happening and I am loving it!

First of all,
BASIC has hired some part time help! Jessica Brooks and Matt Walters now do a lot of the grunt work, like gettin' clothes sorted and sized, preppin' the fish mobile, and helping the services run smoothly and effectively.

Lotsa clothes are beginning to come in. A lady gave us a Bunch of jackets, just in time for the season, we'll be glad to get them to people who need them! Also, we just this week put out bins at Florida Christian College to collect blankets, boots, and socks. If you are reading this and you or someone you know goes there, please, stop by the Student Union Building, and make a donation! Or send someone in your place. I will say though, that we need pants!! Especially in the 34-38 inch waist range. Really really need those. Pants, can't get enough.

Thanks to Matt, Jess, and the increase in clothing, we have been able to take people downtown every week the weather has allowed. I personally haven't been downtown every time, but someone has. That is the way it should be. I don't want this ministry to depend on my presence. I don't think it does. If BASIC is to really start helping people get off the streets, I'm going to need some free time to train small group leaders. We are going to start that in January.

i hope to be better about getting the prayer list posted online now. Feel free to make fun of me if I don't.

GB Hoyt

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