Thursday, February 23, 2006

"We Live, We Love

We forgive, and never give up..."

Some dots to connect...
Shi'as in Iraq are on edge.
Ethic minorities on the border of Iran and Pakastan are up in arms.
Iran is a mostly Shi'a nation.
The Shi'as expect a return of a deliverer, and some believe he will be violent.
The Point:
Violence in the name of religion is to be expected when that religion, from its inception, has advocated the destruction of those who oppose it. In the Old Testament, Israel was commanded to destroy whole people groups, but they were limited to specific groups in specific places, and for specific reasons. God told them these groups are under judgment because of their abominable practices (some of which included child sacrifice, drunken orgies-these were really bad-often lead to rape and destruction of property, religious prostitution- both male and female, and brutal slavery), and they had been given a chance to repent. They were to serve as an example to the nations around Israel, so they would not perish. If these groups were not destroyed, God tells the Israelites they will become like these people, and God would judge them. That's exactly what happened. Otherwise, the foreigner, stranger, people from other lands were to be permitted in the area, and even provided for out of the pockets of the Israelites. Islam, on the other hand says to slay the infidel wherever you find him, force people who are not of the book into "Submission", and if a Jew or a Christian will not convert, make him pay a tax.
Christianity is not without its sins and atrocities either, but one does have to admit, a Christian who kills another person because they won't convert is a hipocrite at best, A muslim who does the same thing is doing the will of Allah as they understand it.
My point; Jesus said:

Mat 24:28 Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather.

And while I believe He was specifically talking about Rome, and the fall of Jerusalem in 70 C.E. (Yes, I am showing sensitivity to those who don't believe that Jesus is Lord, even though I very firmly believe that EVERY knee will bow before Him and confess that very fact) I also believe this: Look at where the trouble is, and you will see the best place to go and preach the word. That's one reason why I do inner city ministry, there is opposition here, therefore I know there is a need, and the people I work with see their need for God on a daily basis.

Crazy how that works eh?

Can there be peace? With God, all things are possible.

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La. Bayou Rat said...

Life has no assurances except God Loves you and we all leave this body behind.