Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Finally able to update prayer list...

Strange days here, blogger wasn't let me do my thing...
Sunday was good. Thirty six people turned out to be helped with what we had, we need shoes and pants something fierce. Now that warmer weather is just around the corner, we'll also need short sleeve stuff. Other things we need:
Bibles! Got to get the word of God into people's hands.
Support, About $2000 a month more would go a loooooonnnnngggg way.

And Prayer, always prayer.
Here are this week's requests:
Thomas Wman : Recovery
Manuel Lopez : Quest in heck (Hey, I write em as I see em)
Red Feather Stands : help with pray to help me overcome my addictions

((*** Let's get a lot of people on Red Feather, I feel lead by God to minister to him especially***))

Mike Nehring: Remember that God needs your love also.
James Crumpton: food
Tyrone Logan: Stop using drugs, get back with family, keep this job I just got.
Aaron Butler : family
Ronald Yapp: Pray that I can work all this week so I can buy things I need
Mark Bertloff : Pray for all the homeless
Connie Boltz : good health ((**Connie told me she had a cold, I also know she recently got out of jail, and they ain't healthy places.**))

This coming sunday we won't be going downtown, my wife and I need to get together, hardly get to see each other sometimes it seems, and her spring break is next week. We're looking at buying a house, found a great place, just need to see if we can get it at a price we can afford.

Keep praying!

****Tomorrow I will post some more theology stuff: The Subject: Man, his Nature.
Tune in next time....

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