Friday, April 07, 2006

Worshiping God Downtown...

Finding a serene place in a city is a difficult task.
I go out of my way to do so sometimes.
I would consider this a serene place. Why though?
It's filthy, it stinks, it's right behind all the rowdy spots on Church street in Orlando.

Well how is that different from my own soul?

We all are waiting final sanctification when our bodies are exchanged for better stuff. Our flesh bears sin's mark, and we continually roll around in the goo of life.
Think going to church makes you any better? I don't. Our worship needs permanent fixing, and we need to be reminded of that often.

Back to "Church Street, Flipside". It's full of junk, smells funny, and hides the darkness of sin.
Just like me.
So it can be serene, because Christ's serenity lives in me.

Will you join me there to pray some day?

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