Monday, August 21, 2006

Ramblin' Man Rambles on...

Jackie Dowd draws more attention to the homeless situation all over the state. thanks for bringing YET ANOTHER law against homelessness to the forefront.
Does anyone see a pattern?
I'm beginning to think that perhaps there is a conspiracy of sorts afoot.
Of course, I'm being paranoid, but then again....
Back to serious matters:
Visited with Kelly's Uncle Don again this weekend, we talked more about faith, he looks better to me than he did two weeks ago, even if he had lost a little more weight. Rafi took Southeast Christian CHurch youth, and John Jessamore from Southside to the city's idea of a good place to feed homeless people. He'll have the full update on that.
Let's be a little more like Jesus.
It seems weird to me that in the life of Christ we see so many examples of him butting heads with society, yet he continues to do that which God purposed him for since the founding of this reality. THink about that, and post a comment about your thoughts. I'll give you mine later. Until then, I start school tomorrow.
Pray for me!
Your student activist,
G. Brandon Hoyt

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