Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wool is Cool... Make sure you are a Sheep... Don't be a fool.

Hey folks, here I present to you the Prayer List.
It was a good day Sunday. We had more than 60 people that got a chance to listen to the word of God, and eat some good hot dogs provided by Living Waters Church. We arrived a little late, but Living Waters already had the people organized. After the people ate I preached about how we are to enter God's sheep pen, by the only gate there is, God's Son Jesus Christ. And how Christ is also the good shepherd and how we need to listen to Him, that he said that His sheep listen to Him, and we need to obey because since he is the Good Shepherd he cares much about our salvation. Its something very simple and it may seem not to deep, but it doesn't need to be deep, Christ's Truth is very simple and it has to, because salvation is for all, so it needs to be understood by all. Interesting thing is that Christ explains it 2 times showing us the urgency that we need to have to make sure people understand.
You can find it on John Chapter 10, pretty awesome read, as anything else that comes from the Bible.
Christ is the Only Way, the Only Gate, if you try to jump through the fence you WILL be considered a thieve and a robber, and those get thrown out where the wolves are, very very hungry puppies.

Here is the list.
Tony: For a Job and a good woman
Alphonso Ellis: I truly need you to pray that God will save me.
Joey L. Rojas: Pray God opens door. Job, home, church, family
Terry Christy: Please pray that I can keep steady work for my place to stay
Donald Riddle: Pray for me and my family
Joseph Pereira: Pray for all the prophets to bring back the lost sheep
James Massey: Food, a real place to live no jail.
David Osteen: Job
Jay Benniefiel: That I get home and see my son.
Derrick: for my dad.
Anthony Goyers: I need my own place so I can be with my kids.
Larry Martin: People breaking in line.
James Macow: Pray for healing of spirit, soul and body and for Him to establish and settle me.

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