Thursday, August 10, 2006

Updates, Updates, Updates!!

what a crazy week!
My wife and I got a chance to see "Uncle Don" my wife's mother's only brother. That's a mouthfull. We rode down to Naples Tuesday nite, and the situation was grim. He needed a liver stint to be put in, so he could eliminate some bile. He couldn't get one because his white blood cell count was too low for the operation. Between cancer and chemo, His body was breaking down. Starting Tuesday daytime, though, there seemed to be some improvement, enough so that he could come off the special diet he was on, and he could get out of bed, and into an easy chair.
Praise the Lord. We'd been praying for him, but Monday nite we really started praying hard. Wednesday I got to see him and talk to him about trusting God a little more each day. I hope to visit him soon so he can have his faith strengthened even more...
Pray for Don!

Thank you 13th Juror!!!! Jackie provided the information necessary for me to actually read what the new Orlando Feeding Ordinance says. It's under the agenda for 7/24/2006. Scroll down the page, and you'll see something about amendments to chapter 18A of the City code. Coupla clicks later and you can read what it says!
I still don't think it really affects us. After all, I haven't heard any bad news from the police who actually have to enforce the ordinance.
Thanks for your prayers in this regard too!!!!

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