Monday, August 07, 2006

It Was A Beautiful Day...

What an exciting Sunday! We were able to witness the death and rebirth of Cameron Madore! He was baptized because he wants to follow God and do the good things God has made him to do.
The crowd we served was a little smaller than the last few weeks, but when the Lord adds to His church, it's a great day, no matter how big or small the crowd! Between "The Living Waters" Church (based in Ocoee), Southside Christian Church, and BASIC we served about 70 people. I was glad to have the help, and especially Myranda (From Southside Christian Church) who helped the ladies get their needs lists filled out specially. Travis Jacob and John Jessamore came from Southside also, and John was able to share some of his testimony to God's goodness in his life! Not bad for a guy who needs a lung transplant! :-)

Our Prayer Requests:
Tracy Murdoch : Yes Me
Yvette Burns : Everyday be Ok, I'm sick.
Jean Yates : Yes, pray for me and my fiance Lawrence. Thanx, God Bless.
Melvin Baylor : Aartment or efficiency
Ronald Hollis : Jesus to save us all.
Yahya Abdel-Raheem : To get off of drugs and alchohol
Krystal Coleman : Peace Wellness
DJ Haes : For my wife to get better.
Baby Ruth Dean : Thank you for an appartment or room homes. and som $50.00 bill need now.
Tammy Ouellette : Us as a couple
Ronnie Rubin : That I may get closer to God.
Billy Haes : Today is by B-day
Larry : Get the either one I tested for.
Robert Clark : Prayer for me.
Robert Gray : For Protection
Jonathan "Mitch" Mitchell : Thank you for everything! God bless you!
Tony Stafford : Health
Alphonso Ellis : To be saved

Thank you for your prayers! Remember to pray a special prayer for Cameron. Also for BASIC, so that one day we can take a guy and get him off the streets right away! That's going to take a lot of resources.

Until the next time!
Believe and Serve!

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