Saturday, August 05, 2006

A View to the Future of B.A.S.I.C.?

Kevin Tells a Good Story

The Homeless Guy tells a story about a chronically homeless person getting off the streets in his area. There are a few key things to recognize about this story, that you must understand before you will understand what makes this story so encouraging to me.
1. It was a church that helped this guy. It's OUR JOB as Christians to address social problems, not the government's.
2. They got him off the streets right away. This is similar to the Housing First approach some social groups are advocating these days. I like the idea cause it's GRACE BASED!! intentionally or not.
3. The person they helped could be classified as "Chronically Homeless". The chronically homeless consume a large percentage of social services. Getting them off the streets makes sense! Most of the services they receive do nothing to enable them off the streets. They merely survive the day.

So read, enjoy, etc.

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