Friday, September 29, 2006

Let's get updated

Sorry guys that I took a little while to publish these requests.
Anyway, Sunday was really stressing for me, at least during the morning. That Sunday morning I found out that the group that was supposed to help us out was not going to make it. So basically I was by myself and had no idea who was going to help me in the afternoon. I think tragedy likes me a lot, it follows me everywhere or it probably doesn't like Brandon, cause it doesn't show up when he is around, jejeje.
So, I asked some people for help at my church and one faithful servant of our Lord stepped to the plate.
Corey, he was such a blessing this Sunday, I had no money and he gladly donated funds to buy the materials for the so needed food-bags. He was also the only volunteer I could find.
We had to stuff both our cars with all the bins needed for the afternoon, it was fun.
When we arrived at downtown I was happy to see Living Waters church there again, that meant I could borrow one of their guys to help us out filling up the food bags. So Joel joined our army of 2 making it an army of 3 which in reality was an army of 6 if you count the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They always show up, and they have to, after all they are all we talk about, and Jesus Himself said that when two or more gather in his name, there he will be also.
During the sermon time I spoke about the methodology of Satan and how he likes to twist the word of God in an attempt to make us fall and commit sin against our Lord, also how we recognize the purity of God by looking at his works, taking the creation for example, that he first created the Light, and how that light dissipates the darkness, we don't see in Genesis that he created time first, or trees, or the sky, or gravy, or popcorn, He created the Light first, just think about it for a sec.
I noticed that more people than usual were actually paying attention to the message given to them, that made my heart full of joy and thanksgiving. I was very worried that day, I had no money, no volunteers, no Idea of what was going to happen, but God provided, his timing was just perfect, everything came out just right and his name was glorified. I was worried that with only 2 people we would have taken a long time to prepare the food-bags, but Joel and Corey made the fastest line I had ever seen, it was amazing!!! I was glad that things did not ended in an episode of me running desperate around like a chicken with it's head cut off, :-P
God is faithful, every day I get to learn that again.

Anyway... here is La Lista, God Bless Ya'll.

Prayer Requests:

Connie Boltz: Pray for Peace
Michael Carman: Pray for all those less fortunate not to have the Lord Jesus in their lives.
James Paynter: To get off the streets and get a good job to have a place to live
Carlito: Wife is in hospital undergoing preventive radioactive procedure for cancer.
Alejandro: To get house and live a better life with family.
Dawn Atkinson: to get off these streets and to get a job.
Krystal Coleman: Peace and Wellness
Danny Baptist : That I get a pair of boots because mine were stolen.
Jean Yates: Pray for my fiance Laurence
Ronald Hollis: For the Family
David Osteen: A home, my son, a new job.
Thomas Tugman: For a home soon thank you.

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are we still on for this me or email me. John and I are still planning on arriving at FCC at 5. Do we need to bring anything?