Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fun times last sunday.

Hey there pals, God poured many blessings on Sunday, we had plenty of blankets, and plenty of clothes for the day (we still need more guy's pants and shoes though, so keep 'em coming).

Of course, like I said on the last post... disaster follows me. When we left Winter Park and I was leading the Pack I got lost, I forgot which way to go. But another car took the lead an took us safely to downtown. I looked at the bright side... I got see a part of Dowtown I haven't seen before, it was nice.

Anywho, Thing went great nontheless. Here is the prayer requets list.
Have a good one.

Prayer Requests:
Shorty: Pray that my feet get better.
Denise Smith: Happiness.
Jose Sanchez: Yes.
David Williams: Pray for Shirley in Hospital.
Tim Frasier: For my safety.
Ted Corey: Pray for my well being.
Joseph Thompson: The Lord will make a change for me, that things will answer my prayers everyday and find me a place to stay.
Danny L. Thompson: Pray for Shirley Walker because she is in the Hospital.
Joseph Robertson: God loves us all.
Jessie Beam: Job.
Ty Brown: Kids.
Tammy Ovellette: Ronald's anger problem.
Ronald Hollis: Yes, Tammy my wife.
Krystal Coleman: Peace
Jeremiah Daniels: I need a job, sister, brother.
Eric L: Deliverance.
Don Annunziata: My Mother and Father.
Samantha: Get of the streets.
Thomas Belly: For my girlfriend Tamara Ortiz.

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