Monday, December 11, 2006

Aha! Thought I Forgot Didn't You??

I am here, but like my Mama said, if you ain't got nothin' to say, keep yer mouth shut!
So how have you been? For the last two weeks, BASIC has been busy in some ways and not in others...
first of all, we missed last week. There was no group to help us, and we were out of stuff to hand out, except tee-shirts and women's clothes. I took some time to try and get some of the things we need to get done for incorporation done. There is still a long way to go. I'll be glad when it is over. This week was different though, Dr. Harold Armstrong president of Florida Christian College, brought a collection of blankets, socks, and other clothes donated by the students from FCC. In the picture, that's him in the middle. The other two guys are two of BASIC's most faithful volunteers, Corey Lopez, on the left, and Rafael (aka Rafi) Estrada on the right. Their work helps make BASIC happen every week, Rafi helps out with sorting clothes, leading the group when I can't make it, and Making thanksgiving dinners happen. Without Corey's Truck, we'd be hard pressed to make it downtown every week. Plus both of them are excellent at serving others, and can get a needs list filled out quicker than you can say "Socks please".
Last night was pretty interesting. We served about 70 people (68 lists to be exact), and we handed out a lot of pants and blankets. We also handed out all our socks. At about five minutes after I started speaking, it started to drizzle. We decided to go ahead and start handing out stuff. The drizzle increased to a light rain, but it was over in about 5 minutes, thank God! There were also numerous prayer requests this week.
Here they are!
Steve: "To be off the streets by Christmas"
Billy Haes: "Have a happy Marriage" (See The BASIC Website for more information.)
Samantha Howell: "To have a happy marriage." (Billy's fiancee)
Kathleen Parks: "Prayer for us!"
Shirley: "Affordable housing, money blessings"
Denise Henn: "My Health"
Mattie Fluker: "May the Lord be with us all in Jesus name."
Jack Bishop: "Yes for Everything"
Donnie Smith: "Sleeping Bag"
Corey Shaw: "That the Lord bless me with my needs, Thank You!"
Mike Smith: "Get us out of here. Pray for my family"
Shannon: "Off the streets"
Evelyn Gates: "Strength"
Bobby Whetstone: "Off the streets"
Johnny A: "Yes My leg"
Mo: "Get us out of here, pray for my family"
Jill: "To see my two sons"
Krystal Coleman: "Peace"
Sabrina Thomas: "my Life"
Derrick Wiley: "Yes, I need prayer for me to get my life back together, my own crib, etc."
Thomas Tugman: "For Good health"
Von Jennings: "For those to be prayed for that don't know to pray for themselves"
Thanks for your prayers!!!
I'll be seeing you all!
Your Positive Activist:


juror13 said...

I know that you knew Bobby Jones. Did you hear that he died?


Rafael said...
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frozenflame said...

it's my fish shirt!!!!! People ask me, "do you like fish?", Rafi answers, nah, i just wear them o_0

juror13 said...

I'm not sure exactly when Bobby passed away. I found out about it on Saturday, at the Tailgaters for Jesus food-sharing.

I'm told that he had a heart attack.

I'm trying to find out what happened. It may be that his meds were in the backpack he lost when the camps were cleared out several weeks ago, and he had not been able to replace them.


(I'm still in the process of shifting from "old" Blogger to "new" Blogger, so the links don't work ... but you know where to find me.)

G. Brandon Hoyt said...

Boy wouldn't that figure?
if that's the case, people have got to know...
Who told you about him? I'm surprised cause I see a bunch of people who usually hang out with him almost every week.

juror13 said...

Claudia is the one who told me.

In my heart of hearts, I believe that's what happened. But -- and I'm thinking like a lawyer here -- I can't prove it yet. Bobby's brother is giving me permission to view the medical records.

And you're right. People have to hear about this.

juror13 said...

my e-mail is jacquelinedowd at yahoo dot com.

I believe that Bobby's body was cremated.