Monday, November 06, 2006

Keep on Praying...

Well Lessee,
After about a month of being out due to speaking engagements, family engagements and death, I finally got back downtown. Thank you Rafael for taking care of things while I was out, keeping everyone in line! While some things are important, like speaking to congregations about the needs of the mission, or doing the necessary paperwork to become a non-profit corporation, there is nothing better than getting the hands dirty in ministry so to speak. Recently I've been contemplating ways to make a better difference in the lives of the people we meet downtown. One thing that Rafi and I have talked about is starting a small group. In my Church Assimilation Plan (You will need Freemind Mind mapping software to view that document) I outline a bible study to take place within the context of a small group... The purpose of this Bible study and small group is to give a homeless person the tools they need for spiritual combat and accountability as well as connectivity to a local congregation to help them on the road to restoration.
Check it out,
Make some suggestions...
Other than that, I have for you this week's prayer list.
Otis Parrish: Pray for my family
Richard Hughes: A job so me and son can go home Mich
Gregory Barmore: Things in my life grow strong in the Lord
Jose Reyes: Yes, I got Beat up and all my body is in hard pain. I need to get well soon.
Deidre Chambers: Pray for my daughter and my broter, and my boyfriend
Felecia: Deliverance from Cocaine, family unity (Reunite).
Robert Knowles: Family Son Michael
Alexander Kendricks: Pray that I get a weekly job. Thank you!
David Lippincott: Please pray for my sister Susan and niece Alisia Thank you.
Clayton D. McRae: yes, kep me near the cross and let keep theses jobs until December/January let God be in control of my life.
Harry Mueller: Yes so I can get my life back together.

Thanks for your prayers!
Anyone want to buy some prepaid fone cards we can hand out at Christmas time???
Your positive activist:
G. Brandon Hoyt

PS Don't forget to visit the BASIC main website to find out more about us, and how you can get involved!!

PSS: Here is a reason to get to know yer local homeless people: Homeless Man Found Dead
It's one of those things that I don't look forward to every week, but I do try to keep up when someone is found dead.
Orlando could learn something: Stand Down Austin

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