Friday, November 03, 2006

Pray This Sunday!

Please remember to pray for our activities this weekend. We have a college group that will be assisting us. Pray for Safety, pray for our provision, pray for fruit. Pray that the people we serve will have safety this week. Pray we will meet real needs, spiritual and physical. Pray we will maintain unity through the Spirit of Christ. Pray for something good to happen.
Thank you for your prayers!!!

G. Brandon Hoyt

I have included a link to Mending Hearts in Nashville (Nashvegas if you are Michelle Hammond. It is an outreach to women referred by Phil Wilson While we work mostly with Men at B.A.S.I.C., I like hearing that other people care about people with problems.


Gravy JMM said...

give me another Sunday for homeless ministry date...por favor

Phil said...

Thanks Brandon. I'm glad at least one person did it.