Thursday, December 14, 2006

Welcome to Post 100!!!

Here's a homelessness in the news update that also happens to be post 100 to this blog:

Who Says Scots are Cheap?
" A RECORD 80 restaurants have signed up to a scheme to help the homeless in the city this Christmas.

Streetsmart is asking diners to chip in an extra £1 when they pay their bills this month and hope to raise at least £40,000 for six local projects to support the homeless. "

Good news out of the UK, beats reading about the Jack the Ripper Wannabee that is terrorizing the city down south. Some of the comments are interesting. Instead of asking "why don't the homeless help themselves" they ask "Why don't the restaurants fork out their own money?" Strange...

Program helps homeless substance abusers
"SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO — On Friday morning, Gregory "Slim" Slade marked 55 days of sobriety by reflecting on his life on the streets of San Mateo — a homeless alcoholic addicted to cocaine."

Good article, I wish the author had backed up some of his claims (like that most homeless people have addiction problems)with statistics, but hey, I'm glad he mentions the fact. Anecdotally, I can say I've never met a homeless person who didn't either have a past problem or present problem with drugs or alchohol. I've also met people who've been homeless for years, but have no admitted addictions, although they'll tell you they usta do this or that.

Homeless Suspected in Rash of Burglaries

Well, I guess it's true, homeless are bad people. Funny they mention the homeless part, but the "drug" part only gets a side mention. I wonder if drug use could possibly have anything to do with it at all. And according to some, it's supposed to be a vicomless crime... It is Las Vegas! Maybe what happens in Vegas should stay in Vegas....

Viva Las Vegas!

A Romans 8:28, 29 Kinda Story

If you visit this blog today, read this story, it's from Stockbridge GA, right outside Atlanta where I usta live and minister. I don't think I know Rex Leo, but I'm glad he's still alive. God really does cause all things to work together for the good of those who love Him...

How's God going to use you for His good today? Is it going to be by offering a kind word to a co-worker? I heard on the radio yesterday that a majority of women and men feel stress over this time of year. I think that's funny becuse we celebrate the birth of the prince of peace. Let Him rule in your life, and if there is stress in your life, he'll use it for His purposes!

Your Positive Activist,

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