Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Downtown this Coming Sunday...

we are gettin' downtown this coming Sunday, to meet some needs, and also so I can scout out a community of homeless people near 50 and JYP. Supposedly there is a homeless camp somewhere around there. We shall see! I can't wait to have my new baby. This morning I am honestly excited about the prospect of having a tiny one again. Also, I can't wait for my KT to be a big sister.

So, anyway, back to reality,
If you want to come downtown with us, feel free. We could use some extra help sunday, meet up at Southeast Christian Church, just south of Goldenrod and Curry Ford at 3pm.
Sofar, the only people confirmed coming are James, "The Gravy", McCrickard, and me! I think Rafi just started school ('bout time) and he needs to get A's!!! That way he can make lots of money, get lots of land, and give that land to people to live on!!!
Everyone take care. Lemme know if you can make it downtown,

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