Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A Wing and a Prayer.

So Sunday went well, the youth group from First Christian Church of Winter Park came along with some of our regulars from FCCWP. The weather fussed at us, showering us in some light ran, and forcing us to herd under the bus stop shelter. I briefly spoke about the woman caught in adultery in John chapter eight, and the kids wonderfully helped out and met some serious needs.
Here are the prayer requests we collected Sunday nite:

Debbie Czichos: to have a self life on my trips and journey one state to another
Larry McCoy: For a full time job
Leon Johnson: Pray for my soul to be free from demons and to do God's will
Alan Adkins: Yes have something wrong with both of my eyes.
Thersa McDonald: My brother Bob who was shot in hear Thursday night.
Mona Thomas: Lessen my burden I am not without grief for miscarriages due to untimely betrayal. I pray never to be without them in prayer.
Anthony Smith: Anthony
Campbell Ray: an apartment
Melanie Campbell: Apartment
Jean Weislogel: For everyone to have inner peace and a personal relationship with God.

We served about 26 people total. Many of them were new to me. I also saw some old faces if only briefly. I think the lightening we saw to the south of us was keeping some people away, but I expect we will start seeing more people in the near future.

That's BASIC in a nutshell... We are planning something for labor day weekend called "Labor day of Love" but it's still in the beginning stages, we'll let you know how things go with that.

In Christ,
G. Brandon Hoyt.

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