Sunday, September 02, 2007

Downtown Live!!

I am downtown, live and in person!!
I had to ride around a little bit to let everyone know that BASIC won't be downtown next weekend but the weekend after. pluss I wanted to blow off a little stress on the ole trusty steed. So, I saw a goodly number of people and I handed out a bunch of the copies of the Gospel of John. I've had a bunch kinda locked up for a while and rediscovered them. I guess it was kinda my way of being sorry for not having food and clothes, although I have no reason to feel that way. I do long for a change from the ordinary. Sometimes I wonder if I'm building the right relationships. So much of what BASIC does right now is meet "right now" needs. I kinda get frustrated. It's good to ride when I think about such things because it is easy for me to forget here i am going the in the world. Helps me see. Plus traffic keeps me on my toes...

Well, I'm at Panera, and my truck is a little ways from here. I must go so I can get home. Hopefully, that means an earlier bed time, but I also discovered the presentation I am giving Tuesday has been deleted! That means I have to rewrite it. Yuck.

I love you all!

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