Friday, February 17, 2006

Full time at Publix, Strange things on Bags...

I am unofficially full time at Publix now. That means mo mo-nay!
Something random:
I just noticed that my cashews have a warning about peanuts on the bag. ITS FREEKING CASHEWS!!!!!! That means you are eating something that is related to Poison Ivy.
I shouldn't have to say anymore than that.
It's important to get news from many sources and points of view. I'm not talking "liberal" "conservative" I'm talking stranger than that. I'm talking wider perspective. The question I ask when I watch the news is: "How does this all fit together?"
Sun-Tzu is watching you...
Ultimately I believe that to understand Satanic strategy, one must be familiar with "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu. That's because AOW is all about how to win without being obvious about it, and Satan is equally subtle. When I listen to coast to coast, I'm not hearing anything about UFO's, I'm hearing strategy. It's more important to me to think about what people think about UFOs than it is to actually contemplate their existance. I h0pe that makes sense. In short, when things are looking weird, ask yourself, How does the perception of this news affect people, and who stands to benefit from it if the majority opinion holds firm?
Think on it!

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