Friday, February 17, 2006

Haitian Elections Declare a Winner!!

Former President Preval is the Victor!!
Albeit in a strange way. Nothing is surprising in the Republique to me anymore. You'll hear me talk about the country from time to time. I've been there twice both times for religious purposes. I can speak a little Kreyol, it's the only language I feel I could hold a reasonable conversation with someone. It's a place I believe everyone should visit. Great reefs, good cookin', and the threat of being kidnapped is a plus. Mostly because that means more food in my case, it'd be a long time before anyone I know would be able to get a ransom together. Far as I know they might be glad to be rid of me.
I've been to some of the main cities in the country. Port-Au-Prince, St. Marc, Gonnaive, Cap Haittien, and the little town of Ounamet (Wan-A-Met). Sometime I might relay my adventures to you.

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