Wednesday, July 26, 2006

De Debil is in De Details...

UmmmmmHummm ma chere... Bee dun seem dat de home-uh-luss and de help-uh-luss be at de shawt end o de pee-roux stick again!

It's official! Now it seems like we could be up a creek... None to worry! We are out of site, out mind, and we got a fishmobile (albeit, she's a little sickly these days)
This guy gets it.
We keep preaching that homelessness is about spiritual issues, and you find these issues everywhere. Every person I meet has spiritual issues. It's strange to see them spill out into the legislation.
Patty Sheehan, Read Habbukkuk sometime!
Injustice does not go unseen, from the loneliest jungles of Ecuador to the brightest lights of Las Vegas. The plight continues. Will until Judgement day.
Er'rybody be safe now!

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