Thursday, November 16, 2006

My name is Brandon and I am a failure.

Read Arron's Post and then let me explain.

That's what I am afraid of people finding out about me, that is what I hide.
I am a failure because:
1. I can't minister full time cause it doesn't pay enough to pay my self caused bills.
2. I have to go back to school to learn a skill that will allow me to make enough money to pay all my bills.
3. I failed a class my senior year of college, and it kept me from graduating until the next december.
4. I could spend all day detailing what I've tried and failed, from ham radio antenna fiascos, to failed attempts at learning foreign languages all without even giving one thought to anything that has worked out right.

While I say it's ok to fail as long as I learn from the mistake and move on, I can't stand failure, it gets in the way of who I am, and who I want to be. I hesitate doing something new because I think I will fail. Most of the time, when I start a new task, my first thought is "this will never work". Yet I move, and act, and I am usually pretty scared along the way!

So Pray for me!
What's your problem?

GB Hoyt

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Anonymous said...

It's inhereted. I don't keep track of the failures or the sucesses. Thank God for both and move on. learn all you can learn (a'la V'ger) but do something positive with it. Worked for Daddy, works for me, will work for you.

Ah gor rohn tee