Monday, November 13, 2006

The Weekly BASIC Report.

Good day to you all!
This last Sunday was the epitome of positive experience. If every Sunday were this smooth, there would be no reason for me to show up to do anything but talk to people with needs!!
Let's talk about what went right this week:
1. We had folks with experience to serve as the backbone for operations. Our star team from First Christian Church of Winter Park had the experience necessary to put all the volunteers to good use without me telling everyone what to do.

2. The Florida Christian College Students were ready, willing, and able to help out in any aspect of the ministry. Juan, a young man from the college, gave the evening's message (on 2 Thessalonians Chapter 1, even!), all the students got involved handing out bags, all around me I noticed that the students were involved in one-on-one conversations with people who needed ministry. It's been that way every week when the students have been involved.

3. There were a lot of prayer requests! It's going to take me a while to type all of these, so here they are!

James Poynter: to help me get off the street and get a good job
Garrick Mitchell: pray for family
Anthony Boykin: I love my mom and niece
Ernest Randolph: Help me.
Jack Bishop: Pray I make it to Da west coast b4 next year!!
Shannon McKarland: For a better life
Theo Thompson: to change my ways!
Jeremiah: I need a job, home
Von Jennings: To be reunited with my family
Gary D. Clemons: To make it home to Mississippi safely
Marlo Williams: freedom from Drugs and Alchohol
Earnest Mitchell: Yes, I need a job
Otis Parrish: Family
Baby Ruth Dean: Money
Deidre Chambers: pray for my daughter and brother and boyriend
Tim Frasier: For my Savior
Shorty: I want to pray for our soldiers and for those who are in more need than me.
Ronald J. Parramore: Birth right parents to be ok. family, Girlfriend.
Krystal Coleman: Peace
Jason Giffin: Pray I stay with Christ
Mr. Willie James Edmonds: (Leave?)
Gilbert Numall: God's Way.
Gary: Church in Seattle, Find Job.
Vincent Lee: Health and Strength
Jerry: Pray about my Dad!
Gregory Scott: Help me get a job (wants to be a dishwasher at at hotel)

That's almost a third of the people we served!!
I believe prayer is the most important thing we do every week with the people downtown, everything else should lead to us saying thanks to God, and asking him to take us to another level.

Thank you all! Don't forget to read Rafi's post on next week's thanksgiving feeding!!
G. Brandon Hoyt

PS: I would like to ask everyone to make a special prayer request for Jean Yates, she's one of the women we regularly see. She needs some spiritual guidance and accountability for a drug problem she has. if you know anywon, please email me or Rafi.

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