Sunday, November 12, 2006

Time to Pray!

Don't forget to pray today!
Pray for the safety of our meeting, pray for the safety of the people we will serve. Pray for my safe travels to and from Orlando. Pray that you will find opportunities to serve the homeless in your area. Find out if they have jobs before you tell them to go get one, then pray that their boss will pay them pay that they are worth.

Please thank God for the following things:
Thank God for Rafael! BASIC happens a lot smoother because of his help.
Thank God for good weather! Since BASIC has started meeting under the bridge downtown there has been exactly two days of poor weather, one because of a hurricane, and one where it rained.
Thank God for our supporters. Without them, there is no foodbags, sox, undies, clothes to hand out, or anything because I'm poor, and so is Rafi ;-)
Thanks for praying!!


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